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Best Water Purifiers in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Water is among the essentials things of existence. It has to be pure & safe for drinking since it affects our health. It has ability to dissolve any chemicals. However, this feature might be dangerous as it might dissolve pollutants and harmful chemicals in the water. It’ll be life-threatening if contaminated water is consumed.

Bacteria, Viruses& dangerous germs in water can affect one’s wellbeing drastically. Water containing these elements can cause waterborne diseases. For preventing such medical ailments, one needs the Best Water Purifier in India.

It has become quite difficult for the average Indian consumer to select the Best Water Purifier in India which provides safe drinking water. There are loads of producers in the business of water purifiers. Therefore, many queries emerge like which of these is greatest, which is not and which water purifier manufacturers fulfil all the essential standards. Some producers also give false promises concerning the functioning of water purifiers. No worries we have got you covered 🙂

There are quite a few firms that try to scam people and offer them counterfeit Water Purifier which don’t work as promised. Such firms not just take hard-earned money of the customers but also put a risk on the health of the consumers. The consumers should inspect water purifiers and purchase them from reputable brands.

Thorough research was conducted by TheBestTen for its readers so they can choose one of the Best Water Purifiers in India according to their needs.



This KENT Water Purifier is the most reliable water purifier for houses in India. It’s the most reliable RO water purifier in India has a 1-year warranty. It also has a UV lamp.

It’s adequate for the 5 to 7 members, and it also consumes less power.

A user manual and an installation kit comes with the purifier.


  • This water purifier by kent is the best Ro water purifier in India,it has 8 L of capacity. It’s sufficient for a nuclear Indian family.
  • The dual-purification procedure of this RO+UV/UF, makes sure no chemical, salt & bacteria, are left in the water. Therefore, it gives you 100% pure water.
  • It comes with a UV fail alarm that warns if UV failure happens. As a consequence, you can have 100% pure water each time.
  • This water purifier is built up of great-quality ABS food plastic, this material makes it easy to clean the purifier and also makes it sturdy. It can filter fifteen litres of water in 1 hour.
  • The energy expenditure is quite less and is around 58 watts. There’s a switching mode power supply or inbuilt SMPS that can manage a energy supply of up to 290 Watts. The UV lamp absorbs a power of just 7-8 watts.
  • I enjoyed the water-saving feature this machine has, which will help you to recover 50 per cent water. The wall-mount attribute makes it simple to use & store it as well.
  • The TDS makes sure that it purifies even hard water, you can select this water purifier if you are staying in an area with greater TDS level.


  • It has no water level indicator present.

2.Livpure LIV PEP PRO PLUS+ RO + UV Water Purifier

This Livpure LIV PEP PRO PLUS+ is the one the best water purifier you can get in India. Moreover, LIV PEP PRO PLUS+ Water Purifier layout is very impressive regarding durability & also the build quality; the operationally user friendly tap helps to make sure that the consumer can fill out the glass or water bottle with purified water, without any problem. The body of the water purifier made out of non-toxic, ABS plastic and food-grade material. This water purifier has 7L of water storage capacity & the purifier is competent of generating 12 litres of water in an hour.


  • This water purifier comes with a Filter Change alarm.
  • It also includes Compact Design.
  • It has RO+UV+UF Double Purification. 


  • No significant problems found

3.Havells Max 8L RO + UV Water Purifier

This Water Purifier from Havells is the first purifier with water treatment technologies. It’ll provide you germ-free water. It filters water using dual purification technologies.

In The First step, the water goes through the RO membrane.It then goes for UV purification in which all the bacteria, viruses, etc are killed. It makes sure that the water is clean and safe. The most beneficial part is that the storage tank that’s removable and a fantastic solution for the time-to-time cleaning.

Key Features

  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • It controls the water pH level and provides purified water with great taste.
  • It enhances hydration and vital minerals absorption capacity of water.
  • It has a three-way wall mount ability. You have the option to mount the water filter on any corner or straight on the wall. It can be also placed on the counter-top.
  • The water Purifier has I-Protect purification system that observes the purification procedure.
  • This water heater includes Zero Splash Faucet.
  • It has an advanced alert system which will inform you in the case of tank full, SV, UV or pump failure. It is going to alert you at the time of this self-diagnostic procedure. You get to observe when the purification procedure is finished or when the storage tank becomes full.
  • The Ingress Tank cover protects the outer frame from insects and dust particles.
  • Its storage tank capacity is 8L.
  • That is actually the hot-selling RO water purifier having a maximum power rating of 45 Watts.
  • The ultraviolet lamp which this machine has absorbs 4W of power.
  • This machine has a preassure rating from 6-30 psi.
  • It has input supply of 230 Volts.


  • It’s one of the most effective versions of water purifiers available in india.
  • It purifies water 100% which is safe to consume.
  • It decreases water wastage.
  • The purifier comes with accessories, user manual & warranty card.

4. Aquaguard Reviva 50

Aquaguard is a company which comes in consumers mind when we talk about kitchen devices in our country. This water purifier by Aquaguard is a superb appliance which even with low price provides you with the purest type of water with just one touch. Aquaguard water purifiers have earned a name for themselves in the Indian market because of the quality of their products.

This Aquaguard water purifier utilizes RO filtration technologies for water purification. This water purifier differs from its rivals since it utilizes exceptional RO technologies for the elimination of unneeded TDS. Aside from RO purification, in addition, it employs the innovative Silver Surety technology that not just removes disease causing germs such as bacteria, viruses & protozoa-cysts & also restrains the development of the microorganisms. Additionally, it discards the dissolved pesticides, chemicals, and extra TDS, from water which makes it totally healthy for consumption. Reviva 50 RO may be an perfect option for your house.


  • Less energy Use
  • The Water Purifier can be mounted onto wall.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • Most suitable design for Indian situations.


  • Quite Heavy 8.5 Kilograms.
  • Less storage capability.

5. A.O. Smith Z8 Green RO + SCMT 10 Litre Water Purifier

This Water Purifier is by AO Smith which is a multi-national manufacturer. The manufacturer has a good name globally for producing great quality water purifiers. A number of the world’s best water purifiers are from AO Smith. Currently, this world-class water purifier manufacturer is available in Indian with different versions. Z8 Green RO + SCMT 10 L by A.O Smith is our the list for one of the best water purifiers available in India market with many innovative features.

AO Smith Z8 Green includes innovative 8 step purification of RO+SCMT technologies, where 100 Percent of water travels via the RO filter & further purified by SCMT [silver billed membrane technologies]. The procedure removes not only bad heavy metals such as arsnic or lead but also removes other contaminations like viruses or bacteria which are present in the water. Additionally, MINTECH attribute refills vital natural minerals, lost throughout RO purification. Thus the item makes sure you get pure, wholesome and tasty drinking water.

Most of all, this A.O smith water Purifier saves 50 Percent water as compared to the other RO purifier, this A.O Smith Purifier is able to achieve that with the assistance of advanced advance recovery technologies. Moreover, the item has a hot water dispenser feature, wherein with the press of one button it is possible to get hot water at 45°C or even at 80°C.


  • Less Water Wastage when compared to other routine RO water purifier.
  • 8 step elimination of RO+SCMT guarantees healthy & pure drinking water.
  • Mintech attribute guarantees tasty & healthy drinking water with the addition of vital all-natural substances, eliminated during RO purification.
  • Includes hot water dispenser.


  • After-sales support isn’t competent in some areas.
  • Expensive when compared to other water purifiers.

6.HUL Pureit 5 Litre Advanced RO+MF Water Purifier

This Water Purifier by HUL is another gorgeous water purifier from Hindustan Unilever. It has a 6 phase purification method which guarantees that you receive safe and clean water. It would likewise be a good gift which you could give to your family.

Its compact size & superb appearance make your kitchen much more contemporary. This water purifier by HUL meets stringent USEPA standards, because of that each drop of water is pure and safe. The Pureit Classic RO+MF works brilliantly, and it does not have to set up.

Purchasing this water purifier is an excellent bargain for you and provides a fantastic value for the money. The combo of RO+MF additionally six phases makes this particular purifier a must-buy.


  • 6-step purification ensures Clean, Safe & tasty water
  • Minerals are added into water after the purification process
  • 90 Per cent TDS Elimination converts hard water up to 1800ppm


  •     Less storage capacity

7.Blue Star Majesto 8 L RO – UV Water Filter

The material used to manufacture this Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier is nontoxic and totally BPA free. Such plastic are deemed nontoxic and BPA free. This maintains the water, bacteria-free even if kept for a longer period. The water purifier can be either be installed on a tabletop or can be wall-mounted. Blue Star Majesto comes with a purification capability of over 285 litres every day. This is a considerable improvement compared to other manufacturers which can purify only 75 litres every day.


  • This water purifier can be controlled by computer.
  • The water purifier can purify water from many sources.
  • It’s Fully automatic with ON-OFF Controls.


  • It cannot work without power.

8. Aquatec plus Advance Plus RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

This Aquatec Water Purifier is intended to have a UF and UV technologies of purification. If you’re area has hard water source, you can opt for this water purifier.

It’s an ISO certified Water Purifier. It guarantees that even a droplet of water is purified from this purifier. It has Pre-filter to boost the long-life of this filter. Whether you attach your filter to tap water or municipal water,in both the cases it can easily eliminate dust particles.

This 12 L water purifier is a top notch product from Aquatec. The water purifier allows you to correct the high TDS levels in accordance with the taste.

This is a great RO water purifier for ideal filtration. It cleans around 99 per cent of chemicals,germs and sediments removal with its strong RO technology.

If you need the purifier to run properly for a more extended period, then get it serviced every 6 months.


  • It’s simple to install and use.
  • The UV + UF technology divides sand and salts particles from the water.
  • It is also able to filter tap water.
  • It does not use much power.
  • It’s a space-saving layout and can be wall mountable.
  • The water purifier has sediment filters premium quality UV and carbon filter, RO membrane.


  • Water Purifier does not come with a child lock.

9. HUL Pureit Classic G2

HUL can also be among those reputed water purifier manufacturer’s name from the osmosis world. It utilizes the RO+UV filtration system for purification of water. RO+UV technique is regarded as effective and ensures that the source of 100 percent pure water. This water heater is very compact, making it effortless to install anyplace you would like. The RO membrane cares for the TDSbacteria, viruses, and other moment impurities whereas the UV purification technologies takes over to ruin any residual viruses or bacteria to produce the water 100% pure.

HUL is also one of the reputed water purifier brand’s name in the purifier world. It uses both the RO+UV filtration technique for purification of water. RO+UV technique is considered to be effective and ensures the supply of 100% pure water. This water purifier is quite compact, which makes it easy to install anywhere you want. The RO membrane takes care of the TDS, bacteria, viruses, and other minute impurities while the UV purification technology takes over to destroy any residual bacteria or viruses to make the consumable water 100% pure.

Its superior RO purification technology helps to reduce the maintenance cost and at the same time increases the filter life by two times as compared to ordinary water purifiers. This purifier is suitable for both boring and corporation water. 


  • Perfect for small family size
  • It can be mounted on the wall.
  • It comes with a Double purity lock.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Low storage capacity.
  • Heavy (7.3 Kgs).
  • RO water purifiers waste a lot of water.

10. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 10 litres Water Purifier

Water is life. Pure, safe and clean drinking water is necessary for a healthy life. You must ensure that the water you drink is clean and contamination-free. Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF is an excellent product. It utilizes RO + UV + MF technology to ensure every drop of water you drink is 100% pure and safe. This water purifier comes with several excellent features, which undoubtedly make it one of the best water purifiers in India.

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF comes with seven stages purification of RO+UV+MF, which is capable of removing all types of impurities from the water.

Firstly, Pre sediment filter removes large impurities. Secondly, Pre-RO carbon filter and Post carbon sediment filter removes chlorine, harmful pesticides, dissolved organic compounds and bad odour from the water. Thirdly, the RO membrane eliminates toxic heavy metals, pesticides, arsenic, lead, bacteria, viruses and other dissolved substances from the water. And TDS modulator refills essential minerals to improve the safety and taste of the water. Finally, UV radiation kills the remaining harmful microorganisms that pass through the RO membrane. As a result, it always assures every drop of drinking water is pure, safe and tasty.


  • 7 Stages purification with RO+UV+MF technology.
  • TDS Modulator to enhance the taste of the water.
  • Ten litres large storage tank capacity.
  • Capable of purifying all types of input water.
  • Advanced alert system.


  • Wastes lots of water.

How to Select the Best Water Purifier (RO) in India?

Reliable water purifier is required for various reasons. Some of these reasons are described as follows:-

Clean & Healthy Water: Nowadays, one of the by-products of consumerism as well as industrialization is the plastic waste that is being thrown into the water reservoirs. By this way, water that reaches us can be contaminated with the plastic waste’s toxins along with other harmful contaminants. So, to secure optimal health, it is essential to have a high-quality water purifier. You can purchase a top-class water purifier online or directly from stores. There is a range of best water purifier in India that will make sure that your drinking water is healthy, clean, and free of any toxin.

The Water Tastes Better: Water that is not properly cleaned can taste salty, but on the other hand, freshwater is healthy as well as its taste is also much better. So, you have to perform an online search for best water purifier in India 2019 that is associated with good reviews from customers about the water purification efficiency and taste. 

Reduces the Risk of Cancers Significantly: Chlorine has been started in using long back ago for cleaning water, as it is one of the cheapest ways of cleaning water. But, it is not the safest way to clean the drinking water. As per research, chlorinated water may enhance the risk of cancer. Fortunately, the high-class water purifier can decontaminate chlorine as well as and its by-products from your drinking water. Thus, the best water purifiers help in reducing the risk of different types of cancer, such as rectal, bladder, and colon. So, you should use a water purifier or filter to make your drinking water safe from the effects of chlorine. So, for that purpose, you have to search for the best water purifier for home.

Convenient & Easy to Maintain: Perhaps, you know someone who gets big bottles of filtered water from stores every other day. But, water purifiers are much more conveniently installed at your home and thus, you don’t have to go outside in search of the filtered water bottle. Water purifiers are also easy-to-maintain. There are also various affordable water purifiers are available, and for that purpose, you can search best water purifier under 10000 over the internet.

It is Economical: Using bottled water every single day may not be the perfect solution. It also may be an expensive option, but sometimes, there is no surety of the cleanliness and purity of water. So, to eliminate the worries about drinking water, you can choose the best ro water purifier for your home and drink 100% pure and safe water.

It is a Sustainable Option: Whenever you use bottled drinking water, you are increasing the plastic waste around you. With the use of a water filter, you have chosen a sustainable option that will help and benefit you in the long run. So, to keep away all the waterborne diseases and to get many other advantages, you should purchase a world-class and high-tech water purifier.

Water purification is associated with two primary considerations- health and safety and so to protect our health as well as ensure the safety, the best water purifier is required by all. When you are going to purchase a water purifier for your home, keep in mind that health and safety should be first considered. Now, a very vital question may arise that among so many water purifiers, which one you should choose. Well, no can answer this question better than you and for convenience, a range of top-class water purifiers with their features are described below. They will help to select the best water purifier for you. 

FAQs About best water purifier in India

What Would Be The Annual maintenance Cost for Water Purifier?

The Annual Maintenance cost from our list of the Top 10 best water purifier in India would roughly be around Rs. 4000 though it might depend on various factors such as filter replacements, labour charges and also different other factors. You can also contact the brand for different maintenance programs for better results.

Why Do you Need TDS Controllers?

TDS Controllers indicates the TDS levels, which reduces the impurity of the water. The controller is an advanced filter that eliminates the toxic materials from the water purifier. The water purifier for home use also has a TDS controller that can divide the water into two parts.

How Do You Use Reject Water?

According to the sources and the stages of purifications, the rejected water is also the most polluted. It also has the most number of impurities. Most of the advanced water purifiers in our water purifier price list also eliminate the water through draining. Consuming such water might lead to a health problem that will also cause various diseases. Still, if you wish to use this, you may opt for storing it and using it in your washroom.

Is It Safe to Buy Water Purifier Online?

Though you might find several suggestions according to purchasing the Is it safe to buy the best water purifier online, however, this completely depends on where you are willing to purchase. Online Giants like Amazon or Flipkart are the place where you might find the best products. You can also get them with reliable delivery.

Can I buy a non-branded RO water purifier?

Purchasing a non-branded RO water purifier means that you are taking risks with your health. This certainly never means that all the non-branded water purifiers are harmful to use. But finding the best and the purest water purifier is tough to get. So, all that you need to do is to follow our guide simply. This will help you to find the best water purifier in India and also match your needs.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of RO water purifiers?

When we talk about the advantages that come with RO water purifiers, we can list a lot of them. Some of them are mentioned in this buying guide. The best RO water purifiers tend to remove all the impurities in your drinking water, no matter what the source of water is. You should also know that if you live in an area that has hard water supply more than the usual one, you should go for an RO water purifier as it is ideal for treating hard water.

An RO water purifier is excellent for removing commonly found cryptosporidium in lake, river and public supply water. These purifiers also remove any toxins that are generally present in water, like lead, mercury, fluoride, arsenic, and chlorine. All these toxins are harmful to drinking and create disturbances in the normal functioning of the human body.

Moving on to the negative aspects of RO water purifiers, there are a lot of drawbacks that come with even the best ones. One of the significant disadvantages of RO water purifiers is that they tend to waste a lot of water. Statistically proven, these type of water purifiers waste more than 50% of the input water. It is almost an offence to wastewater in the present era.

The best alternative for that is to use EAT filters. You must also keep in mind that you won’t be able to use these filters in case the TDS value of the input water is less than 500 ppm. Apart from wasting a lot of input water, this type of purifiers also tends to give out water that has a high proportion of TDS. This is why you would need to dilute the wastewater before using it to water plants or clean the floor.

Should you buy an RO Water Purifier Online?

It is always better that you look for all the specifications of any RO water purifier before buying it. This is why you should go for buying a product online, as you get to know about even the tiniest details of the product. Buying a good RO water purifier can be quite a task without knowing these features, which is why there are online buying guides present to help you make a better decision.

Buying an RO water purifier online also makes is possible for you to enjoy different deals and discounts that come with the product from time to time, and would otherwise not be present on the same item.

Once you have gone through the different features that you should look for in the best RO water purifiers, and also about the advantages and disadvantages of them, we shall move on to the list of the best RO water purifiers in India. Our experts have also looked at all the specifications of each product and added them to the list so that you can make a better and informed decision.



If you have water supply from Municipal sources, it is evident that you can have a common danger of consuming TDS contaminants. The ratings are between 1-200 ppm. In such cases, we recommend you to go for Gravity or UV based water purifier.


Groundwater source is one of the most common types of water sources in rural areas. This means that the water mainly comes from Tubewell, which has a high concentration of TDS. According to the researches, it is rich in contaminants which are around 200 to 2000 ppm. So to drink healthy water, it is important to buy an RO water purifier that has a good number of filters.


Most of the urban areas have numerous water sources- including both from Borewell and Municipal water. In such cases, the TDS contaminants vary around 500-1000 ppm, which is relatively on the higher side. Consider using an RO with a UV water purifier for better response.


We are so happy that you went through the buying guide as well as the product description of the best water purifier in India. Now that you know everything about water purifiers, We hope it will be easy for you to choose the best water purifier in India.

Furthermore, if you still have any queries, then you can comment down your questions below. We will be more than happy to help you out!


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