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10 Best Washing Machines in India (2020) | Reviews & Buying Guide!

It’s the creation of the washing machine which has shifted doing laundry to the better. That time has passed when you’d devote a whole day doing laundry. Along with this, little electricity is needed to do laundry. The impact of the appliance is exceptional.

But, finding the best washing machine in India is a challenge for several consumers. The primary cause is that there a lot of models for washing machine in India. Another reason is continuous innovation in this space.So it might be difficult for a non-specialist to find the best washing machine in India.

Don’t worry, this buying guide about the best washing machine at India 2020 will leave no rock unturned to help you out find out which are the best washing machine in India. Please go through the list and make a wise purchasing decision.

Best Washing Machines in India

1. Bosch 7Kg Front-Load Washing Machine –Fully Automatic WAK24168IN

Bosch is 1 of the highly regarded international companies of washing machines which has a huge market share in India. German technology is visible in each action of the washing machine since it makes the duty of the homemaker simple. The notable features of this Bosch washing machine would be,

  • Completely-automatic and front load washing machine
  • The storage of 7Kg which makes it ideal for a family of 3 to 4 members
  • Twist rate — 1200 rpm
  • More features include LED Screen, Variodrum, memory detection, various water safety and irregular load detection methods
  • 2-years warranty on the washing machine & a ten-year warranty on the motor

This Bosch washing machine has Variodrum technologies that’s intended to secure your clothes while still being tough on stains. ActiveWater technology is made of various loading sensors that conserve water by sensing the weight of the clothes and kind of material.

The SpeedPerfect Mode in this washing machine decreases the washing duration by almost 64 per cent without compromising on the quality of the wash. The internally-built heater allows providing hot water wash to your garments.

1 of the great attribute of this Bosch washing machine would be that the storage within the drum which allows better movement of the laundry. Washing the drum can also be simple, as the Drum Clean attribute helps to eliminate lint and harmful residue to sanitize the drum properly.

The machine is able to operate on water pressure as low as 0.3 bar , which means this machine is a perfect device to operate in high rise buildings, too. The appliance has a free water filter which fits into different tap designs.

This washing machine features a Reload function that enables you to add clothes early in the cycle by opening the door

Other noteworthy features include Child Lock to allow you to lock functions and stop them from any issues. The Volt Check characteristic helps to ensure that the washing machine resumes functioning from precisely the exact same place after a power failure.

Other notable features include Child Lock to enable you to lock all functions and prevent them from any tampering. The Volt Check feature ensures that the washing machine resumes working from the same position after a power failure.


  • Has the ability to Function with less water input pressure
  • The washing machine makes No Noise and is Vibration-free.
  • Takes time, and hence saves electricity
  • Simple to wash the drum and other Areas of the System
  • The best washing machine in India below 30,000


  • The washing machine is heavier compared to other machines, and therefore it is difficult to move it.
  • It might get heated up while working at its highest speed: 1200 rpm

2.LG 8.0 Kg Front Load Washing Machine Inverter Fully Auto – FH2G6TDNL42

Not many products can give a tough fight to LG in the home appliance sector. This LG washing machine with 8.0 Kg storage is very well-known product.

The most useful features of this device is that it will assist to remove pollen, dust mites from your laundry.

This front-loading washing machine includes 6-Motion Immediate Drive technologies to facilitate multiple wash applications.

Other positive element of the washing machine is it senses fabric material and gives the right wash cycles.

The benefit of Six Motion Direct Drive technologies is that it shakes the drum of washing machine in various ways, which makes it hard on the resolute stains whilst protecting the garments.

Since the motor connects straight to a drum, this helps the device to reduce sound, in addition to vibrations. This device includes a heater which helps to eliminate severe stains & allergens.

The automatic-restart feature allows the device to resume from where it left if there was a electricty interruption. Submerge your garments for about 10 minutes in 40 degrees Celcius will assist to eliminate the allergens and germs.

The SmartThinQ application on your smartphone will help you to find 86 errors of anything goes wrong with this washing machine. This washing machine includes attrbutes such as a waterproof touch panel along with a rustproof body.

Washing the drum is also very easy, as it is able to heat up the water to 84°C.


  • Child lock Attribute to keep your child safe
  • With this machine, you save energy, water, and time
  • Built-in heater
  • Stainless Steel drum


  • Relatively heavier than other machines out there

3.Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL – 6.5 kg – Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

While looking for the best washing machine in India, we had couple things in mind: one using exceptional technology, a dimension that’s generally adequate for families, one which cleans nicely and can handle several kinds of fabrics, one that will last long is and not expensive. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL had these. This version has an inverter technology motor that’s remarkably energy-efficient and not as noisy as others. The Inbuilt heater gives you a choice of performing hot water clean, which, though is not a really energy-efficient method of cleaning but provides better results. This washing machine has a metallic Diamond Drum, which is kind on your garments but still cleans them pretty well. The washing machine has great built-in protection against voltage changes. There are many pre-programmed cycles to wash different sorts of fabrics. On the whole a fantastic purchase.


  • Inverter Motor of this washing machine makes it power efficient and less noisy.
  • It includes a ten-year warranty.
  • Less water intake, since it’s a front loading washing machine.
  • Has Touch LED Panel for Simple usage.


  • New motor technology usually suggests it will not be easy for the mechanic to repair the machine in the event of failure.
  • Its top RPM isn’t the greatest that’s offered in the industry. A higher RPM could have supposed your garments would come out dryer.
  • It doesn’t have anything to take care of hard water or exceptionally low water pressure.

4.Haier 5.8 kg Top Loading Washing Fully-Automatic Machine

Haier company is successful in India, and this top loading fully automatic machine has many features. Its moderate storage, quick spin rate, and other interesting feature are below

  • The capacity of 5.8 kg which is Suitable for bachelors & couples
  • Manufacturer Warranty of 2 years on product and 5 years on motor
  • 700 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
  • 6 Wash Programs which are Customized for your specific needs


  • Affordable Washing Machine
  • Memory function makes sure that it resumes the washing process after the power interruptions
  • Small layout
  • Quick action
  • 2-year warranty on product and 5 years on motor


  • It does not have many new attributes
  • Its small size indicates it is not adequate for nuclear families.

5.Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (STAINWASH DEEP CLEAN)

This Whirlpool washing machine is completely automatic and is powered with the six sense blot wash deep fresh technology. The 3D scrub and distinctive soak feature guarantee more profound insertion of the cleanser. Thus, the exceptional washing of garments guarantees the elimination of hard stains.

The version also adjusts itself for hard water. Because of this, it preserves the colour and texture of garments even when the clothes are washed in tough water. It’s a perfect option for a nuclear family.

The Company offers 2 years warranty on the washing machine and 10 years on motor.


  • Eliminates stains from warming water via a six step procedure.
  • Controls the softness & texture of garments during tough water washing.
  • With the help of express wash, the washing machine conserves detergent and energy by decreasing the wash duration.
  • 3 D cleansing tech. makes sure exceptional wash for clothes.
  • The functionality is exceptional, and the product offers excellent value for money


  • The washing machine makes a little noisy.

6.IFB 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Elite WX, White)

This machine is front loading and is completely automatic with 7.5 Kgs of storage, sufficient for cleaning clothes of 3 – 5 people. This machine includes ball valve tech which holds water out and detergent in to get a good wash and best utilization of detergent. The IFB washing machine contains a stainless steel drum with a glass doorway shower to look at the clothes getting cleaned & has a spin speed of 1200 rpm.

The device has 14 washing programs with diff spin, temperature, along with other choices which can be accessed through the control panel. Foam control specific sensors prevent the making of more foam. The aqua power device in the system mix detergent thoroughly for a washing and soft wash. Washing types have programs like cradle scrub for sensitive clothes such as chiffons,silks, etc. . as well as has child wash which smoothly washes child clothes and eliminates bacteria, germs through warm wash apps. The washing machine also includes an excellent air foam wash & 3-D wash method, it uses many air foams to eliminate dirt effectively by reaching far in the clothes.3-D wash method merges the clothes completely before the wash.

This device finds the unequal weight of the laundry in the drum and adjusts the same using an unstable correction for steady wash sequences. The energy checking attribute monitors electricity fluctuations interrupts programs when there are fluctuations, and continues only when there is a stable voltage. This washing machine has other features like child lock, eco wash, built-in heater, inbuilt heater & anti-allergen attribute.This device comes with 4-years of warranty.


  • Air foam washing
  • Children lock
  • Built In heater
  • Ball valve tech
  • Anti-allergen


  • Washing Machine is Heavy

7.Godrej 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT 700 EDFS Gp Gr)

This Godrej washing machine makes washing a Remarkably Simple job with its Fuzzy Logic, Ten Wash Programs, & 3 Water Levels.

It’s structured with a tilted steel drum, and that means that you may easily empty and load the clothes from the device.

It shows the remaining time for the cycle to finish, the remaining time during a delayed start.

It locks the system keys throughout the task to prevent accidental and operation modifications during a wash cycle.


  • The washing machine has pulsator wash
  • Has Digital Display.
  • Automatic Restart with the help of Memory Backup function


  • The machine does not have Inverter technology.
  • The heater is not present in this machine
  • No steam wash
  • No separate box for detergent

8.IFB 8Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

According to the performance, machines by Ifb are really as excellent as the Bosch washing machines in just about all respects. The best attributes of this IFB washing machine makes it among the best washing machines in India in 2020.

The main attribute of this device is the Air Bubble Wash which makes sure about the formation of numerous air bubbles that penetrate deep in the fabric and get rid of the stubborn dirt.

This washing machine has an advanced arrangement, Aqua Energie. It’s a filter therapy which mixes the detergents better to provide a softer wash.

This device gets a 3-D wash system, that soaks the garments completely to make sure complete elimination of all sorts of dirt.

Washing your sensitive clothes for example silk sarees is really great with this washing machine since it protects the delicate fibres while providing the garment with a dazzling wash.

The washing machine includes crescent moon-shaped grooves that gives a soft cushion to your clothes while still being rough on the stains.

The detergent powder is not wasted with the help of Ball Valve Technology which this machine has.

This machine has an LCD screen which is user-friendly & enables you to pick your washing rounds and duration properly.

The time-delay attribute is one of the best feature of this washing machine, as it assists schedule your wash cycle by delaying it from 30 minutes to a max of 24 hours. The washing machine includes a feature of adding clothing after the initiation of the washing cycle.

The automatic Balance system recognizes wobbly garments mechanically and redistributes them to keep up a uniform wash.

This device includes a great security features like voltage security and child lock. Your kids won’t be able to alter the settings once you fix them. The voltage security feature ensures to shield your appliance from voltage changes.


  • A Superb Ability that Lets washing a Sizable load at onetime
  • High spin Rate that helps in drying clothes
  • Simple to operate with control options
  • Built in heater for allowing a hot water wash


  • Is not able to fit in every tap

9. LG 6 Kg Front Load Washing Machine – Inverter Fully-Auto FH0FANDNL02

This Six Kg LG device is excellent for bachelors & couples. Besides different impressive attribute, the front-loading device is accompanied by a inverter motor along with also a built-in heater.

Washing machines by LG are always intended for the long run. This appliance utilizes 6-motion technologies to get rid of the most difficult stains by simply shaking the drum in numerous directions.

Because it operates on Direct Drive technologies, there isn’t any use of pulleys & belts, the major concern for almost any washing device. Additionally, it reduces noise and vibration as well as saves money on the upkeep.

The waterproof touch panel has a sleek design that allows you to work with moist fingers. The Automatic Restart option assures that the device will start from the same place where it left during a power interruption.

The built-in water heater system is able to heat up water to 60° C to eliminate all types of allergens & stains. Finding any problem in the washing machine is simple with the help of SmartThinQ app on your smartphone that will find up to 85 errors.

This washing machine has an added security features like kid lock. It permits you to disable the lock settings, then your kid can’t change the settings with this.

The Tub wash fearure warm water to 85° C to eliminate soap & dirt residue out of the device.

It’s possible to dip your kids garments at 40° for 16 minute and then at 60 degrees to eliminate detergent residue, bacteria, & enzymes.


  • Direct Drive tech. minimizes running costs
  • Water Heater feature to make sure your garments are washed properly
  • 6-motion tech to eliminate the resolute stains
  • The existence of rat net is an extra benefit.


  • The Automatic Restart feature doesn’t work in Child Lock mode

10. Midea 8 kg Front Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine (MWMFL080CDR, Golden)

This front-loading washing machine with a capacity of 8 Kg is totally-automatic and is from brand Carrier. The washing machine includes an inverter motor which has a spin speed of 1400 rotations per minute. 8 Kgs of storage along with inverter motor is a power-efficient alternative for large families. The device includes a quiet motor from Panasonic, which guarantees silence while working.

This washing machine includes 16 wash options like cotton, mixture, cotton ecofriendly, spin and wash, spin, my bicycle, and assorted others. These cycles provide an advantage in washing distinct materials with cycle and care based on preference. The machine also includes a child lock, the memory of power disrupt, faulty alarms, lint filter, rat-proof bottom, and far more. Additionally, it enables adding laundry in thestarting stage of the wash cycle. The device includes an built-in heater for warm washes around 90 Degree C.

The Midea washing machine includes Kungfu wash to combat difficult germs together with super srub drum to wash garments efficiently. It includes a big LED light and nighttime wash choice. The washing machine includes a 2-years of machine warranty & a 7-years of motor warranty.


  • Automatic imbalance detection
  • Includes water inlet filter
  • Insert garment Choice
  • Sixteen wash options
  • Water level selector


  • A bit expensive
  • Quite heavy washing machine

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Washing Machine in India

Purchasing a washing machine in India could be a difficult task. There’s no one machine that is best for all, in washing machines as every household’s needs are different the requirement of a washing machine is also different. Few families demand a small washing machine but which comes with several attributes, others may demand a bigger washing machine that is more lasting.

Purchasing a washing machine a profoundly personal decision as you need to consider many elements of the machine before choosing one. It’s also crucial to make about your selection so you don’t wind up investing your hard-earned cash in an appliance that is not compatible with your requirements.

Top Loading vs Front Loading

If you want to go for a completely automatic washing machine, then you may be confronted with the option to go for a top-loading or a front loading device. A top-loading machine, as its name implies, is a system in which you have to load the dirty clothes from the top cover.

In a front-loading device, you need to open the door from the front part of the device to load the laundry.

A top-loading system has a lot of benefits, the most important being that you don’t need to flex each time you want to place the garments in the machine. Second, this layout also lets you add more garments even in between the wash cycle, which isn’t possible in a front-loading machine. Top loading machines also cost significantly less than front-loading machines.

A front-loading system also includes many benefits. It’s undoubtedly regarded as the best form of washing machine regarding wash quality. Front-loading machines are often come with many smart features that make sure thorough cleaning of the garments and are excellent at eliminating tough stains from garments without the necessity for manual scrubbing.

They’re also not as noisy like top-load washing machines and consume less water. But, top-loading machines are a one of the costliest machines on the market.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi automatic washing machines are as its name implies is between the Fully automatic and hand washing. The majority of washing machines have 2 tubs one for washing and other for drying.

Accordingly, once the laundry is washed, you’ll need to transfer the garments to the drying tub. Meaning it is partially automatic and partially manual. The Pros and Cons of semi automatic washing machines really are as follows.


  • It’s comparatively cheaper.
  • The maintenance cost is less.
  • You have to decide the quantity of load to wash each cycle.
  • No demand for constant water supply.
  • It is mobile.
  • It takes less time to wash comparatively.


  • It is not small and will take space.
  • It will take your time as it requires supervision.

While completely automatic washing machines doesn’t need any oversight. It’s just 1 tub that will do both washing & drying. Therefore, you dont have to shift clothes from one tub to another Following are a few Pros and Cons of this washing machine.


  • It’s more effective when compared to semi automatic washing machine.
  • You do not need to fill water with pipe or bucket.
  • It’s small and occupies small space.
  • It’ll save time because supervision is not required.


  • It’s expensive comparatively.
  • It takes more power than semi automatic.


It refers to the storage capability of this washing machine. It’s the weight of dry garments that can be loaded in the washing machine for cleaning. Most of the washing machine have a capacity ranging from 6-10 Kg. When deciding on which washing machine to purchase for the deciding factor is the number of your family members. If you’re a bachelor or couple then a device with storage of 6 – 6.5 kg will be sufficient for you. Family of 4 to 6 people may choose between 7-8 kg capacity and larger families with 6+ members can go for 10 kg+ washing machines.

It is good to be aware that a bigger one is better than a smaller washing machine as you can wash a lot of clothing easily. Large garments will also not bother you. Along with this,bigger washing machine are comparatively efficient. For instance, a bigger one is going to require less detergent and water than a small one despite washing the equal amount of laundry.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

When you’re purchasing a washing machine first time, the odds are that you might not know about the attributes of the washing machine and whether they would be needed by you

The following are a few things that can make it easier for you to know what features to examine before buying a washing machine in India

Wash settings or programs

Washing machines arrive with various wash programs. Some entirely automatic machines have as many as 10 to 12 applications. These are made for washing certain kinds of garments. Normally, a program for cleaning gentle and soft fabrics and another one for washing hard fabrics such as denim are an important attribute.

It’s also desired to have programs where you are able to pick any 1 step of the washing sequence, for example, Merely Wash or just Rinse without needing to start the entire wash cycle.

Spin Cycle

Among the greatest characteristics of the washing machine, the best is the spin-dry feature which helps the garments are dry faster. You need to make sure that you purchase a system that has atleast 1000 rpm because that’s necessary for rapid drying of garments.

Many washing machines include 1300 – 1400 rpm spin cycle and should be considered for this feature.


Eliminating hard stains becomes considerably easier when the garments are pre-soaked in warm detergent. A washing machine which lets you pre-soak the garments will be considerably more effective in cleaning the garments nicely.

Even though this is a fairly basic feature that’s available in many washing machine versions, you might still double-check to ensure the attribute is present in the washing machine your pick.

The material of drum/tub

Among the greatest aspects that are also in charge of determining the last price of a washing machine would be that the material of the drum or the tub present in the washing machine. The drum is one of the main part of the washing machine, in which the washing and drying happen. In low to mid range versions of the washing machine, the bathtub consists of enamel or plastic.

Plastic is, clearly, a better choice since it’s considerably stronger than enamel that may get chipped and form cracks. On the other hand, the ideal form of drums are manufactured from stainless steel that’s made for durability and enduring high speed spins. The stainless steel drums may typically be present at the top of the range washing machines.

Fuzzy Logic

An automated washing machine makes it very convenient for its users to wash garments since they may easily load the garments in the machine and let the device perform the remaining decisions concerning the quantity of water, the quantity of detergent needed, time to allocate to every step of this cycle and so forth.

This special feature is known as the Fuzzy Logic and is an absolute must to possess in any fully-automatic washing machine.

Ease of Use

Few producers keep pursuing technologies. That means they’re products are likely to have the best washing machine on the marketplace. But that might not be of use if they are not able to provide simplicity in their usage.

You need to make sure that you don’t purchase something that’s great at washing garments but difficult to use. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to go for one that’s not difficult to use or which you be able to learn quickly .

Several famous brands have produced many different versions in washing machines. The washing machine market is quite aggressive with names like Haier, Bosch,, Samsung, and LG all presenting their best products in the market.

It’s a great idea to select a brand that has good after-sale support as a washing machine might need installation. You might also select a company that has a great reputation for selling quality goods that are feature-rich and strong.

Best Washing Machine Brands In India 2020

  • IFB
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Whirlpool

These are a few of the best washing machine brands in India 2020

Even with these manufacturers , few versions are amazing and many others aren’t so great.

Deciding on a brand is a fair place to begin; nonetheless, it’s the specific models of these companies that you want to research. The list of best washing machine in India 2020 is given youmay select from that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to minimize the noise from my washing machine during a wash cycle and how to handle the instability of my machine?

You may check some points to make sure that noise is diminished throughout its working. First, assure that your device is level. As soon as you address this, then you should try and redistribute the load to makesure that there is an even balance. Next, you can conduct a fast test on half load, full load & also in an empty condition. It’s also wise to try and put a tough surface plate below the device to acquire increased stability.

How do I stop water leakage out of my device?

You should first assess and look for blockages inside the hose of your own drain if the issue doesn’t lie then it is sensible also to look at your inner house plumbing system.

What can be done if my clothes get sticky & dirty along with black spots?

The perfect strategy is to try out a limescale detergent after doing a wash cycle rather than the normal detergent which you would usually use.

What should one do in case the water goes from the washing tank into the spin tank throughout in between wash cycle?

This usually means that the pressure relief valve is jammed or broken completely. In cases like this, we advise you to request the assistance of a specialist

What are some things which should be done in case the wash tank isn’t spinning?

It’s likely that the drive belt has moved away from its place if you’re having this difficulty. You ought to make it a point to constantly make sure to empty pockets of the garments before doing laundry. Blockages might develop over time because of the presence of undesirable items like Rubbish, coins, lighters, wrappers, and other tiny items.

This will avoid the tank motor from demanding overwork. You also need to be certain that you use the ideal quantity of the recommended detergent as excess detergent may break the water level detector.


Washing machines are no more luxury devices. They’ve become an important member of any house nowadays.

This explains why folks go to great extents to know the technology used in washing machines now. This guide may help you an excellent deal in this respect.

You’ve just gone through the buying guide of the best washing machine in India.

If you have any questions concerning the best washing machine in India, ask them below and we will solve them.


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