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10 Best Refrigerators in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

A refrigerator or a fridge is basically an appliance which is innovated into a very different level and provides plenty of amenities to the people if they would like to keep food, cool anything down, or get chilled water. In years past these appliances were used to be a box where you were able to keep any meals or cool the drinks. On the other hand, with the launch of Frost Free refrigerators and Dual Door Refrigerators, in addition to others, this specific cooling appliance has definitely come a considerable long way. With the improvement of technologies, these fridges are now getting an important device to get in every home because of the convenience they offer.

However, with so many options of fridges present in the current market, it gets quite difficult to select the one that perfectly matches each of our needs in addition to provide the proper outcomes. Hence, here we’ve listed down after reviewing the best refrigerators in India, which will provide you with the ideal cooling experience, in addition, will help you in preserving the food for a longer period of time. With different features like moist-balance, stabilizer-free performance, larger warranty period, toughened glass shelves and icing technologies, these fridge will certainly help you in fulfilling all your coolong requirements.

Best Refrigerators in India

1) Samsung RR20M1Y2XUT/HL 192 Lts

This Samsung fridge is the Best refrigerator in india The most frequently purchased size for single door fridges is between 180 and 200 lts. The normal budget people have is roughly about Rs 20000. After we searched for a version that meets these two criterions, is trendy, stylish, and feature-rich, Samsung RR20M1Y2XUT/HL came up as the ideal model. The compressor offers great control over temperature, thus assisting to keep food fresh for a longer period. The version additionally has Cooling Retention technologies, which keeps the freezer trendy for 9 hours during power cuts. The shelves are made from toughened glass, making them more durable. It also has an auto-close role and built-in deodorizer to maintain the odour within the refrigerator pleasant. It’s a stabilizer free version, exactly like most refrigerators available on the market nowadays. On the whole a fantastic purchase.


  • Inverter compressor makes it power efficient, reduces noise.
  • Works with Solar and Power inverters in general.


  •  As it is a direct cool model, it requires manual defrosting. 

2. LG I292RPZL

This LG Refrigerator is one of the Best refrigerator in India and has a space of 260 litres. It is a frost-free fridge, Meaning That it automatically defrosts; you do not have to defrost it manually

This refrigerator includes a 1-year warranty, and there is a 9-year warranty on the wise inverter compressor. The brand LG, is among the top brands in India. The power efficiency rating is four stars.

Other characteristics of the refrigerator are a clever inverter compressor, clever analysis system, superior florid complete, auto smart connection, and ice beam door cooling system. The smart connect features links this fridge to an inverter in your house when there is a power outage.


  • It uses a Wise inverter compressor, which Generates less noise and keeps the contents of the Refrigerator fresher
  • The fridge a Wise Identification system, which diagnoses and helps solve problems with the Fridge
  • The refrigrator has multi-flow air cooling System to circulate air to every part of the Fridge
  • It’s technology automatically joins your Refrigerator to your Inverter, whenever the Electricity gets cut
  • It Is among the best-rated refrigerators on Amazon


  • None

3. LG 215 L GL-B221AASY Single Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator includes great attributes that can appeal to anybody.

This LG refrigerator is highly effective, more long-lasting, and use less electricity. This 1 door refrigerator includes an inverter compressor made to give excellent performance. The five-star rating shows that this refrigerator uses less electricity.

The best feature of this refrigerator is Intelligent Link feature which lets you connect the refrigerator to the inverter at your residence. Therefore, you’ve got an uninterrupted usage from this item.

This refrigerator has a unique attribute that it can freeze the ice fasted in 107 minutes.

The anti-bacterial gasket retains your meals healthy for long periods. Other great features are the refrigerator has toughened glass shelves and stabiliser-free operation.


  • Compatible with home inverter
  • This fridge has Internally built stabiliser
  • Controls moisture of the fridge


  • You have to defrost manually

4. Whirlpool 260 L (FP 283D Protton Roy) Multi-Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator includes three doors on top of one another that gives the refrigerator height. This elevation gives more room for keeping the vegetables and fruits fresh. Its centre door is intended to be the biggest when compared with the other 2 doors, so the person using it only must stand upright. Besides that, the white colour of the model gives your kitchen a clean and neat appearance. This Fridge by Whirlpool is one of the best refrigerator in India


  • Frost Free
  • Volume: 260 L
  • Multiple-Doors
  • Customised Cooling Technology with Air Boosters


  • The body is made from Plastic

5. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

If you’re Indian and need to purchase any appliance like a washing machine or even a fridge, then Haier is one of the top brands In India for appliances. The business is well known for producing great quality products which look beautiful. This refrigerator is one door, and it’s packed with features. The 3 toughened glass shelves within the refrigerator are large, and they are able to hold the weight. The 1-hour icing technology is exceptional, and it’s required in the summer days. The huge freezer will draw in people who need to store a lot of items in the freezer. The 1 door refrigerator is sufficient for a nuclear family, and it efficiently cools everything inside it.

The refrigerator has a 4-star energy efficiency score, which will reduce the power bill. Additionally, the stabilizer free operation is necessary in locations where there are unexpected drops in voltage. The manufacturer has given it a really nice and powerful exterior. There’s sufficient space to store bottles as well as other things that need you to keep fresh. It’s also simple to cleanthe refrigerator whenever there’s a need for it.


  • Loaded With Features
  • 1-hour icing technology
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 10-year warranty on compressor
  • Good space
  • Affordable


  • No cons

6. BOSCH 618L (KAN56V4ONE) Frost Free Side By Side Refrigerator

In an industry filled with goods, Bosch is a business that constantly tries to give the products at competitive prices. The Bosch KAN56V4ONE 618L is just one of the best refrigerators in India using a frost-free side-by-side door system. It has with qualities that a user may expect from a fridge.

The appealing appearances will make your eyes glitter with its fabulous metallic-in finishing.

There enough storage capacity to accommodate a baby elphant. Jokes aside, 618 litre of space is sufficient to accommodate your meals for about a month. Yeah, it is that huge. Perfect capacity for approximately 6 to 8 family member demands at least. Ideal for families who keep a whole lot of food.

About features, Bosch did not go overboard using plenty of features in this. One of the reasons it’s priced more economical to its size and looks.

Using inverter compressor technology, it’s extremely power efficient with less sound, or I’d say nearly negligible. Being a huge fridge with no noise whatsoever makes it one of the best refrigerators in India.

Auto Defrost characteristic makes sure there is no creation of ice crystals onto your food. The settings and other choices are straightforward to use and suitable for a beginner also.

The FreshSense feature uses some detectors present within the fridge to check the temperature of the inside together with the freezer and also controls it accordingly irrespective of the temperatures outside.This fridge from Bosch is one of the Best refrigerator in India


  •  Large storage space
  •  Suitable for 6 to 8 people
  •  Negligible noise


  •  Energy Star rating of 3 stars
  •  Some complaints about the freezer

7. Lg 668 L Frost Free Side-by-side Instaview door-in-door Refrigerator

In this LG refrigerator, with LG smartThinQ app on your smartphone, It is possible to manage your refrigerator from anyplace. The frost-free side-by-side door refrigerator has got 668L capacity. Sleek mirrored glass can help to observe the things within the refrigerator without actually opening it. Digital detectors help keep the best temperature in the fridge, and if warmer temperatures is detected, the refrigerator doors are opened on their own. The item includes a one year warranty and ten years on compressor. Inverter linear compressor aids in reducing the sound level and conserves energy. Independent ice and water dispenser are given. Fast freezing alternative with constant compressor operation. For proper cooling multi cooling systems are given.It is one of the Best refrigerator in India


  1. Lets you manage refrigerator from the smartphone.
  2. Vast area to keep vegetables and fruits.
  3. Cubed & crushed ice in less time.
  4. With Instaview door-in-door. you can see the items, without really opening the door,

8.Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL

This Samsung fridge is a budget-friendly yet has an appealing looking. It’s a double door fridge which has a slate finish layout that also prevents it from being a fingerprint magnet. Among the best refrigerators in India, this fridge packs many features at a reasonable price.

The cooling operation in this refrigerator is satisfying even in the default settings. If you’re searching for something that is simple and stylish and can be worth your hard-earned money, then you should give Samsung B06XCB7LPD a closer look.

There’s a number of excellent things in this refrigerator, it has some attributes that we usually find in certain expensive versions. It is a moderately-sized refrigerator with a storage capacity of 253 L that’s fair for a nuclear family. It also has a Digital touch screen for controlling the temperature and to turn on the power cool feature that I enjoyed about this refrigerator.

The cooling in the interior is also terrific. It’s consistent and steady. You’ll come across a number of double door fridge and if you’re inclined to spend more then you can get a model with exteriors made from steel but if you would like a budget-friendly model without a number of compromises this fridge is the one I’d recommend in India.


  • Door Alarm
  • Smart Connect Technology
  • Strong Glass Racks
  • Four Star Power Ratings
  • Digital temperature controller


  • Plastic Shelf
  • Alarm Sound Is Low

9.Whirlpool 340 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This fridge has a space of 340 litres, this double door fridge is ideal for large families. This is a 3-star energy rating fridge.

This is a smart refrigerator using three intellisensors on the screen panel, FC, along with the RC.

You receive a freezer with cooling tower facility. The existence of Flexi-vents on the refrigerator allows for the free flow of clean air to the tray where you are able to eliminate the rancid smell. This may keep your food, particularly the vegetables fresh for quite a long time.

The busy Deo facility makes sure your fridge stays fresh constantly. This is only one of that superior fridge which keeps fruits crispier for a longer duration.

It comes with user-friendly interface and stabilizer free operation are extra features. This refrigerator has a warranty for a year.It is one of the Best refrigerator in India


  • Ideal for families with 4 to 7 people
  • The large freezer allows you to place your mixer jar vertically
  • No curves inside the refrigerator, hence easy for putting your vessels
  • Active Deo facility ensures freshness


  • 3-star refrigerator
  • Some customers have complained about the non-functioning of the odour sensor

10.BPL BRS564H

The BPL fridge comes with a side by side door. This is a luxury fridge from BPL and packs many features. The design is totally modern and has a water dispenser too. To make everything easier, in addition, it has built-in simple to use touch controls to control temperature settings as well as other things.

This BPL fridge has a storage of 564 Litres and is quite spacious. It’s ideal for a big household of 6 to 8 individuals. Well, this refrigerator does not have any power star rating, but after our use, the performance was marginally between 3 to 4 stars, which is fantastic. In addition, it has silent technology which helps it works quietly.

In general, it is a good refrigerator and comes with strong features that are needed for a contemporary kitchen. BPL provides a year of warranty on product and five years of warranty on the compressor, and this can be valued so if you’re searching for a refrigerator with the great built quality and luxury features then this one for you.It is one of the Best refrigerator in India


  • It has Water Dispenser
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Multi-Airflow
  • Digital Display to control the temperature
  • Comes with modern design


  • No stabilizer
  • No Moisture Slider for Vegetable drawer

How To Choose A Refrigerator?

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Best refrigerator in India


The 1 step in regards to deciding on which fridge to buy is deciding what needs to be its capacity. It is dependent upon a large extent to the household size and eating habits. The general principle is that-

A bachelor or household with 1-2 members may need a refrigerator with a space less than 200L;

Households with 3-4 members will require a refrigerator with space of 200-350 L;

Households with more than five members will require a refrigerator with space of 400L and over.


Dimension is a really crucial part that has to be taken care of when buying a fridge, especially for modern kitchens. Because the last thing you anyone would want is lack of space in the kitchen to fit in a fridge.

Type Of Refrigerators

There are various kinds of refrigerators available on the market–specifically single door, double door, side-by-side doorway.

Normally, the Demands of bachelors and Households with 1-2 members will be satisfied using a Single Door Refrigerator;

Needs of families with 3-4 members will be fulfilled by a Dual Door Refrigerator;

Big households with more than five members may require Side-by-Side Refrigerator.

Single Door Refrigerators generally have a storage capacity of less than 250 L and largely runs on direct cooling technologies. The majority of them must be defrosted periodically also.

Suitable for smaller families with 1-3 associates, it’s relatively budget-friendly, compact and consumes 30-40 percent less energy in comparison to double door fridge of similar storage.

On the flip side, its freezer is small, and if you’re a non-vegetarian who normally keeps meat and fish for a week, then you might not be very pleased with its freezing capabilities.

Dual Door Refrigerators as its name implies has different door for freezer and fridge.

It normally has storage capacity between 200-700L and is sufficient for households with 3-5 members. It has a bigger freezer room, adjustable shelves and includes frost-free technology–meaning that you won’t need to defrost the ice from the freezer.

In comparison to single door refrigerators that function with direct cooling technologies, double door grills utilize automatic fans to circulate cool air, thus absorbing 30-40 percent more power.

Price-wise, it costs more than and also includes a ton more features than just single door fridges.

Side-By-Side Door Refrigerators are bigger with storage between 500L and 900L, which makes it appropriate for big families. These kind of refrigerators have innovative features and might also have an inbuilt water dispenser.

It’s advised that you completely analyse your requirements before you purchase a side-by-side fridge since it generally has a huge freezer ( approximately 1/3rd the entire storage ). Many Indian families don’t need such a massive freezer capability and are better off using a large double door fridge.


Most refrigerators have the standard compressor which runs in a set speed during the service period. Fridges using inverter compressor operate on a varying rate which increases cooling once the system detects a loss of cooling.

Energy Rating

You’d have observed that the power rating of different refrigerators are different. Energy rating suggests how great the fridge is when it comes to energy efficiency. Higher the score, lower the energy consumption. In India, the BEE evaluation is given only for double and single door fridges. Side-by-side refrigerators, double door toaster and French door openers don’t have BEE score.

Top 10 Most Popular Refrigerator Brands in India


Samsung is the biggest South Korean company in the electronics sector of India and also the world’s biggest consumer electronics manufacturer. The business has a strong presence in India with numerous goods from Samsung Electronics –Smartphones, tv, digital cameras, refrigerators and air conditioners and washing machines.


LG Electronics is one of the most reliable manufacturers of LCD television, Refrigerator and washing machines in the Indian market.

LG’s line of refrigerators and freezers maintain your foods fresher and longer using Largest Veg Basket and Signature Double Door in Door design attribute.


Bosch Refrigerators provides advanced fridge-freezers for freezing and cooling. The refrigerator freezers cooling technology by Bosch, maintain your every sort of food item fresh in VitaFresh box.


Voltas Beko fridge uses a smart cooling system which makes it possible for the refrigerator to absorb significantly less energy with increased durability. Beko refrigerators additionally reduce poor odour, neutralize the germs/bacteria and aids the food stay clean for a longer duration.


Whirlpool offers finest fridge choices for the house with its side-by-side fridges, French door fridges or upper freezer. The Whirlpool Corporation is among the biggest producer and marketer of home appliances in India.


Electrolux home appliance maker is a Swedish firm and second-largest appliance manufacturer in the world, following Whirlpool. The business provides different sizes with nice designs and innovative filter refrigerators in India.


Haier Refrigerators comes in various designs, sizes and styles to look good with your kitchen. The side by side fridges by Haier includes inbuilt twin ion technology that lowers the voltage changes and has extremely efficient compressor.


Godrej fridges are great performers and effective cooler, additionally they provides 360-degree cooling and maintain your food fresh.


Panasonic is Japanese firm and are well known for a broad range of electronics such as Computers, Digital Cameras, Smart TV and also among the greatest television adn refrigerator producer in India.


Hitachi refrigerators are designed and made with eco friendly technology and extremely efficient insulation methods. Big French Collection of refrigerators, six-door fridge and Three-Door Refrigerators from Hitachi and Solfege series as well as also the French Bottom Freezer are popular.

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organised?

  1. To reduce cross-contamination between uncooked meats and whatever else stored within the fridge, keep raw meats in a different bin.
  2. Purchase a set of storage containers so that you are able to organise the refrigerator and get items quickly. Label those boxes for simple navigation.
  3. Purchase an air-purifying bag to make your fridge smell less.
  4. Find out which thing kept within the refrigerator should not be chilled so you don’t need to sacrifice precious space.
  5. Invest in wire storage containers for the freezer so that you can easily store things.
  6. Save rack space by lofting beer bottles using magnetic strips.
  7. Place in a few shelf liners which you could easily pull out and wash in the event of spills.
  8. Line the crisper drawers with produce life extenders which keep fruits and vegetable fresh for a long duration of time.
  9. Put in an under-shelf basket beneath the tall shelf to increase storage space and carry items which don’t fit anywhere else.
  10. Keep raw meat and fish in the bottom shelf to stop unwanted drips.
  11. Utilize a strong egg holder to store eggs. In this manner, it is simple to stack containers above the holder without knocking the eggs.
  12. Wipe condiment bottles prior to storing them within the fridge after using.
  13. When keeping food in the fridge, organize it in accordance with the temperature necessary to cook it. It follows that food requiring no cooking time, such as pre-cooked meals, should remain in the upper compartment and after that, you can arrange the food items accordingly..
  14. Use a vacuum cleaner to completely clean the fridge, once a month.
  15. Keep a box of activated carbon in fridge to absorb the bad smell.
  16. Keep food items like Butter, Condiments, Water, etc. near the door.

What are the different types of refrigerators in India?

Fridges are of various kinds, and they may be categorized on the basis of the number and positioning of the doors. The ideal form of fridge has multiple doors for various purposes at various temperatures so you can keep all of your food items fresh based on their requirements. These fridges are called after the number of doors that they have and also the placement of the doors.

Single Door Refrigerator: Single door fridges are the simplest sort of refrigerators which are found in India, ther are made up of a single door. It has a life span of over ten years. These are best for smaller households, couples and individuals.

Dual Door Refrigerator: These are fridges which have double door. Among those two-door one is a freezer, and the other one is a refrigerator compartment. Such fridges are best for nuclear families.

Triple Door Refrigerator: These sorts of fridges are also called french door openers which unites the efficacy of both side-by-side fridge as well as the bottom-mounted freezer versions. It looks amazing with your interiors and brings versatility to your kitchen. Additionally, it has a large storage area for all your food items.

Side by Side Door Refrigerator: This fridge appears similar to an almirah and provides more class to your interiors. It is a slim style fridge which has side-by-side doors, including a vertical freezer and a refrigerator next to them. The thin style limits the number of foods that can be stored in the fridge and are not so power efficient. On the other hand, it is very affordable and has a benefit of a little door swing space, making them suitable for smaller spaces. Additionally, it includes an external ice machine.

Bottom Mounted Refrigerator: All these low mounted fridges are quite popular and have the most energy-efficient layout. These kinds of refrigerators have a great storage area and come in a different range of sizes. 1 advantage of these kinds of fridges is the fact that the fridge is at your eye level and is easy to locate your vegetables stored inside.

Based on how a fridge works or its defrosting type, refrigerators can be categorized into the direct cool fridge and frost-free fridge. Both of these work in various ways and also have their benefits and problems.

Direct Cool Refrigerator: According to the way the fridge cools, a direct cool refrigerator needs cool airflow inside its own compartments. Circulation of air is done naturally in such refrigerators with no external assistance. In the event of pure airflow, an irregular temperature is spread in the fridge.

The difference between temperature triggers ice build up, and this gap could be manually controlled with a knob within the fridge. Direct cool technology is usually confined to single door refrigerators & has some problems.

Frost Free Refrigerator: The other kind of frosting that happens in fridge are frost-free fridge that works completely different. Since it’s a frost-free fridge, there’s absolutely no formation of ice or frost. Cool air is distributed by electrical fans, using a procedure called tradition. As there’s absolutely no ice forming in the fridge, there’s absolutely no requirement for cleaning it over and over. It’s relatively costly due to its fans and even takes more power. This technology is usually found in double-door fridges, triple door fridge and side by side fridges. It’s believed to be the ideal refrigerators for maintaining the food things fresh.

Refrigerators with the freezer on the top: These types of fridges will be the most appropriate for men and women using a lot of ice and frozen foods. It can accommodate massive platters, birthday cakes, or big pizza boxes. It’s mostly suited for men and women that wish to store food things in cold storage and also wish to ensure it is accessible easily. 1 drawback of such fridges is that you will need to bend to find food things for your routine use from the bottom door.

Fridges with the freezer on the top are the generally preferred option between the provided choices. You should look for the one with movable shelves so you possess the flexibility for maximum storage.

Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom: Such fridges have a freezer at the bottom for a particular reason, and that’s you don’t need to bend to get to the fresh fruits and vegetables stored in your fridge. They’ve got an upside down look, which makes it appear intriguing and help you organise the food items stored inside them.

There are a whole lot of benefits of such refrigerators, as well as the important among these is that it removes the need to bend down if you have to get any food item. The sole disadvantage of such fridges is that locating foods in your freezer might be a tough job.

FAQs For Best refrigerator in India:

1. Is it okay to buy a fridge online?

Are you concerned about buying a fridge online? Then you certainly do not need to anymore. It’s totally safe to buy a fridge on the internet. In addition, you may also avail some wonderful advantages like discounts and exchange without even bargaining. To be sure, I suggest buying only from Amazon or Assured Seller or Flipkart

2. Which are the top fridge brands in India?

Few of well-recognised names in the market providing efficient fridges in India are Godrej, Whirlpool, BPL, and Haier,Samsung

3. How long does a refrigerator last?

The majority of the high-end fridges have a lifetime of 17 –19 years while few of them will stay for 13 –14 years. But, cheaper versions will last 5-years. But this may decrease or increase based upon the upkeep and care required.

4. How to know if a fridge is not working right?

The most typical indication about compressor not working properly–is not chilling at proper levels. Other evident signs include –frost build-up, the motor being hotter than ordinary, water leakage, abruptly making more noises.

5. Why the fridge making more sound abruptly?

This condition happens when the condenser fan motor does not work properly. So you should discuss with an expert to get your fridge checked

6. Does refrigerator size have any impact on power consumption?

Yes, refrigerator-size has a direct effect on electricity consumption.If you buy five-star rated fridge of 260L and compare it with five-star rated 180L refrigerator. The lower capacity refrigerator will have 75 to 85 units less electricity compared to higher capacity ones. Additionally, it’s necessary to see that the fridge offers total value for your hard earned money whenever they operate at full potential.

Final Words

So I believe your quest for the best refrigerators in India ends here. We know that fridge is an important part of your house. And we need you to use your money sensibly. If rightly done, you may save a lot of money while buying the best refrigerators in India.

I wish that this article assists you to find the best refrigerator in India. We considered all the possibilities of any ordinary Indian customer. If you still have any questions, we can solve them down below.


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