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10 Best Mixer Grinder in India (2020) | Ultimate Buying Guide!

We’re a spice, adoring country. So, as you may understand, it is just not possible to satisfy our taste buds with no signature of masala. It means that you want to find the best mixer grinder in India that would combine, grind, and powder that the kitchen stuff without losing its flavour.

We picked the goods that got ticks in all the correct boxes and, above all, heard testimonials from it’s users. That means that you may confidently buy any mixer grinder according to our recommendation. Just go through our Mixer Grinder and pick the one which you believe will work well for you.

These Are The 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India

1. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)

Bajaj is a recognized brand in the Indian market, which is trusted by tens of thousands of Indian customers. Second, the manufacturer has a reputation for producing quality kitchen and home appliances. And above all, Bajaj is trusted by tens of thousands of Indian clients for its renowned after-sales service.

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars comes with many excellent features. Also, Millions of users trust the product over several years for its high efficiency, which undoubtedly makes it one of the best mixer grinders in India.

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with 3 Jars which are made up of high-quality stainless-steel material that makes it strong and long-lasting.

Besides being a budget-friendly product, it is very efficient. Its efficient usage and compact nature make it one of the most loved and widely used product all across India.


  • Proper size and compact design.
  • 500 watts highly efficient Motor.
  • Fast performance.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Makes Noise.

2. Preethi Zodiac MG 218

If you’re hunting for powerful mixer grinder in India with fantastic functionality, good power, and decent layout and at the budget, then you have to go with Preethi Zodiac MG 218. This mixer grinder includes 750 watts of electricity (among the top 750 volt mixer grinder of India) and features maximum accessories and attributes. Preethi is an established manufacturer in kitchen appliance and has a fantastic reputation in India since they have great customer service (after sales).

Preethi uses Vega W5 engine of 750 watts of electricity. W5 motors are among the best with great quality and provide the very good performance for quite a long time. You are able to grind and break any powerful ingredients and mix it into your desirable dish. It’s 3 in 1 in fresh new juicer Jar, which can help one to make all of their favourite juices easily. It is easy to extract juice from the mixer. Blending is simple with this mixer.

The manufacturer has cared for safety too; you get safety indicators on the mixer grinder, which reaches Red if there’s an overload on the engine. This is only one of the very best mixer grinders beneath 3000 prices.


  • Good Brand, positive feedback, great performance.
  • 750 watts of W5 motor, a good number of accessories.
  • Unique safety features.
  • Five years warranty on motor and two years on the appliance.
  • Does the perfect job in juicing as well.
  • Shockproof body.


  • Overpriced, not recommended for those who have limited usage.
  • Only good for daily usage or professional work.

3. Panasonic MX-AC400

Next, on our list is Panasonic MX AC 400 mixer grinder.

I’d strongly advise the Panasonic MX-AC400 if you’re looking for more choices in the jar numbers.

It’s being recognised as a superb mixer grinder from the manufacturer. If you’re searching for a good mixer grinder for home use, then I’d recommend Panasonic MX-AC400.

It’s strong and lasts for longtime. On the other hand, the mixer is a bit heavy.

It has a 550-watt motor which grinds in seconds easily. It manages small and midsize household grinding demands. But for a larger family, I’d suggest looking for a different item.

The MX-Ac400 comes with four jars, this is a big add-on. More jars give you better choices to use while grinding.

The blades are made from stainless steel which enables you to quickly grind some spices into its powder form with no difficulties. With this particular mixer grinder, grinding will probably be simpler than ever.

The safety lid-locking system and magical seal security maintain the lid secured and provides protection to you and your loved ones.

The Panasonic MX AC400 Has a five-year guarantee for the engine.


  • Safety Lid Locking System and Magic Seal Protection
  • 550-watt motor
  • Elegant and contemporary design and build quality


  • A heavy product

4. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

It’s among the finest Mixer Grinders with three jars which gives a smooth and hassle-free performance. With small design, it’s not difficult to fit the device in the kitchen. It has a double safety locking feature. It ensures it may be utilised in the best way in all sorts of conditions. It’s a mix of excellent functionality and easy functioning.

It’s a heavy-duty motor which allows crushing the hard ingredient easily.It can do egg beating, blending, mixing, meat mincing, ice crushing juicing, with samurai edge blades, For this reason, it makes cooking simpler by fulfilling all of the demands of your kitchen. It includes three stainless steel plus a durable jar.


  • It is very energy-efficient.
  • Easy to use.
  • Its safety feature makes sure that the jar is fixed correctly before the grinder is turned on.
  • It comes with five years warranty on the motor.

5.Prestige Iris 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars + 1 Juicer Jar

This wonderful mixer grinder can supply you with everything that you would want for your cooking abilities. The strong motor of 750W, as well as the multifunctional blade system, grinds food quickly and efficiently. The multi-purpose grinder allows you to grind everything and anything easily. The mixer grinder includes four jars (3 stainless steel jars and a single translucent juicer jar) so you can use every jar for their various functions. The strong 750 W motor offers high-speed grinding and mixing and makes it perfect for your modern kitchen in which mixer grinder is utilized nonstop for long durations. All 3 large stainless steel containers feature an easy-grip, which offers a firm grip and makes it simpler to move the contents out of the jars.


  • 3-speed control with a whip.
  • Separate transparent jar for extracting juices.
  • The machine has a handle made of durable plastic, and thus, you don’t have to worry about it being broken off.
  • Not many machines offer the facility of the 750W motor, but this machine is one of the exceptions.
  • Clean and compact design takes very little space.


  • The machine produces a burning smell at times.
  • It also makes a lot of noise.
  • The buttons do not work according to the user. Sometimes the buttons perform the reverse function of what they are supposed to do.

6. Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White/Grey)

In case you’ve got a small household and need a reasonable and simple to use mixer grinder with all of the vital functions and features, then the Lifelong Power Pro could be a terrific purchase for you. Aside from having a Fantastic design, stable performance, and Simple to Use attributes, there are a lot of great things about the mixer grinder Some of the unique things are listed as follows

  • Great customer feedback
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Classy design


  • Easy to install
  • Durable jars make it an excellent product for Indian kitchens
  • Affordable


  • Too many vibrations

7. Philips HL 1645 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

As you probably already know, Philips is a really popular brand in the market. It can make chutneys, purees, cocktails, milkshakes, dry and wet masalas, and even more than you think about. It’s equipped with a 750 W motor that makes low noise while working. The gadget includes three different sized jars plus a blender. The blender jar includes a fruit filter that divides fruit juice and pulp residue. The jars are made from stainless steel guarantees durability. They’re reliable for blending little pastes to big quantity mixtures. It has a forefront controller knob for simple speed control accessibility. The mixer grinder comes with a 2-year guarantee .


  1.  This multi-tasking mixer grinder is compact and space saver.
  2. It comes with a good vaccum base for steady operation.
  3. The rubber gasket of the jars are easily removable allows ease of cleaning.
  4. The reverse Quadra flow jars help to prevent sticking of ingredients to the wall that makes cleaning breeze.
  5. It has the shockproof body and motor overload protection for safe use.


  1. The lid of the jar doesn’t fit properly, so there are chances of leakage.

8.Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer and Grinder with three jars

Preethi is among the greatest mixer grinder manufacturers easily available in India.With Preethi, you get the confidence of superior performance along with the maximum quality. The USP of the Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder is its stainless steel blades which are machine ground and polished to provide outstanding grinding performance.

The different operating speeds of this mixer grinder provides you with total control over the whole grinding procedure. The superioe quality of these blades saves you energy and time.

The 750-watt engine is a strong one. This mixer grinder has a durable body that’s gone through salt-spray and water to check the stability and endurance.

Since the mixer grinder may work at various speeds, you can save on electricity consumption too.

These jars include elastic lids that can fit in both directions based on the number of the ingredients within the jar. Therefore, it increases the capacity of the containers by turning a 1.0-litre jar to a 1.5-litre container.


  • Powerful motor
  • Flexible lid
  • Robust body


  • No wet grinding arrangement

9. Singer Jiffy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (White)

Singer Jiffy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (White) is a mixer grinder competent of blending, hammering, grinding, etc.. This mixer grinder isn’t only effective but is also fashionable and appealing.

It comes with a warranty for two years.

Singer Jiffy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (White) is an efficient mixer grinder using a power of 500 W, it is enough for grinding and mixing functions. It is effective at mixing and grinding in seconds. It’s suggested for all sorts of your kitchen requirements.

Singer Jiffy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (White) includes three jars, one for grinding purposes, a small jar for grinding masalas, and a big jar for juicing purposes.


  1. Budget-Friendly
  2. Efficient in juicing
  3. Stainless Steel Jars
  4. Very Stylish and compact.


  1. Burnt smell initially
  2. Noise

10.Inalsa 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

Inasla is the one of the best mixer grinder juicer India that provides high power motor and controller to allow you to make all of your favourite recipes. This mixer grinder comes in the purple-white color mix, and the compact body design which makes it simple to fit in tiny kitchens.

It features three jars – one for grinding purposes, a small jar for grinding masalas, and a big jar for juicing purposes., and 0.5-liter jars for making chutneys. Overload protector keeps the motor safe from the sudden overloads. The specially designed, high-quality stainless steel blades make the mixing and chopping procedure simpler.

With the 550-watts motor, you’re able to run the mixer grinder for 30-minutes with no failure. The rubberized feet design holds the machine ardently, and also the break-resistant jar lids avoid any breakage.

The pulse function helps to increase the life span of blades and stop the motor from the sudden load. Anyway, the maker offers 2-years of warranty on the item.

Sometimes, you might experience terrible odour ejected from the motor. It’s a result of the motor getting heated up quite quickly when it is new. Aside from that, it is a great one to purchase.


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 900Watts powerful motor
  • High strength stainless steel jars
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Shock-proof safe
  • Over-load protection mechanism
  • Comes in a compact design structure


  • Blades don’t match with motor speed

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

There are several mixer grinders brands in the business. Following, you’ll find the list of best mixer grinder brands (in no particular order) that are the most popular ones and provide good warranty and after-sales service.


It’s a Dutch Technology manufacturer and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was established on 15 May 1891 by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips. This Brand has concentrated on the niche of lighting, electronics, and health care. It has been the world’s biggest producer for the calendar year 2013 earnings. In India, Philips is a parent brand for most lighting and electronics companies, and we frequently don’t care about the item specs by simply taking a look at the brand name: Philips.


The Company Bajaj was established in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai. The group consists of 36 companies that include different sectors like automobiles, lighting, home appliances, insurance, iron and steel, travel and finance. This brand is based in India and therefore has made a great influence in the heads of their customers. Bajaj mixer grinders are the best-selling mixer grinders because they’re simple to use, budget-friendly, in addition, they are ideal for Indian cooking.


It’s an Indian top home appliance manufacturer and has its presence in over 10 million families in India and overseas. The modern technology is utilized to make the appliances, and therefore it caters to the requirements of modern families. This company was established in 1978 and competed in kitchen appliances. The mixer grinders are ideal for Indian cooking and are also budget-friendly.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is headquartered in Swinton Meadows and was established in 1936, it specialises in manufacturing home appliances such as induction ovens, kettles, mixer grinders, food processors etc. The Morphy Richards mixer grinders are trendy, compact, and appeal to all of the demands of Indian families. You may click the below link to see a few mixer grinders of Morphy Richards.


It is a Japanese multinational corporation which is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and was established in1918. Beginning from rice cookers, this company simply kept on rising and getting a significant portion of the home appliance market. The Panasonic Mixer Grinders are budget-friendly and have the mechanism required for cooking Indian food.



You may either purchase a Mixer Grinder or Juicer mixer grinder. So, what is the distinction between mixer grinder and juicer mixer grinder?

Juicer Mixer Grinder is a mixer grinder which has an extra jar for liquidizing. Juicer Mixer Grinders brings the very best of the two worlds (Juicer + Mixer Grinder). I really don’t see a point in wasting your money on another Juicer device when it could be easily carried out with any Juicer and mixer grinder combination.



The safety lock system helps to ensure that the mixer grinder doesn’t start working until the Jar is securely locked with the bottom unit. This will help avoid the accidental start of mixie if the top remains open, or if your hands are still within the Jar.


Try purchasing a mixer grinder which comes with an attached Vaccum Footing cups. This will makes sure that the mixer grinder will hold on to the table or any space it is kept on and won’t slip down easily. This feature is particularly helpful when the Jar is full of unbalanced loads of mixtures.


We all know how much our mixer grinder can manage. But due to the rush, we often tend to overload the mixer grinder with a lot of items, more than it can handle. At times it ends up bursting the motor. To avoid this problem, modern mixer grinders are equipped with a new feature called”Automatic over Load Protection. “

It works more like a normal fuse found in our Electricity Lines. After the mixer grinder is overloaded, it automatically breaks the circuit and prevents the mixer grinder from working. Thus it saves the mixer grinder by getting the possible damages.


You’re all set with any juicer mixer grinder if all you want to do is normal stuff like masala grinding, dry grinding and chutney grinding.In case you’ve got a plan for grinding Idly Dosa batter to utilize your mixer grinder, you’ll require a mixer grinder with more motor power. But, our families would have another table high wet grinder to take care of this job.Don’t We?


It is always great to select a mixer grinder that arrives in various speed settings to supply the ideal cooking experience. They work efficiently at various motor speed settings to control the blade, With the blade rate control mechanism, it makes sure that the food items stored at a mixer grinder don’t float when it reaches the top rate.

Normally, the rate of this engine is measured in RMP (Revolutions per Minute), that’s how many times a mixer blade rotates each minute. While operating the machine, don’t run it on high speed for extended durations. For the majority of the jobs, moderate speed is adequate .

Ultimately, a strong motor allows the blades operate at more rotations each minute, which allows grinding the ingredients inside a less Time Period.


Try to get a Juicer mixer grinder that allows you to set speed from slow to its fastest speed through switch controller. It will help you bypass the floating, and improper grinding difficulties that occur in Juicer and wet grinding jars.


The quantity of jars is dependent upon your needs. If you have more number of Jars means that you will finish the jobs in less time. If you’re a small household, then a standard mixer grinder using 2 jars (for wet and dry grinding) ought to be sufficient. If you live in a large or joint family, then a heavy-duty motor mixer grinder with more 3 – 4 jars

Wet grinding jars include tight lids to make sure the liquid or glue does not ooze out it while the grinding is in process. Normally, the dry grinding jars are a lot more compact compared to the wet grinding jars. It is possible to use it to grinding onions and spices to a fine powder. You can also grind coconuts for preparing chutneys.

The majority of the mixer grinders in the Indian marketplace come three jars — bigger one for grinding or berry batter, moderate one for additional wet grinding jobs and a little one for chutneys and grinding dry ingredients. These jars must be adequate for small and regular families.


Electronics products have a tendency to wear out with time. They may cause fixes, sudden repairs also. It may occur even with the best company products. So, when you purchase an electronic device, start looking for its warranty and assess whether it’s service centre are close to your place.

With a Warranty and excellent after-sales service will make certain that you use your product without any tensions. Most of the mixer grinder have a warranty. Therefore, do not settle with an item which doesn’t have any guarantee.

Don’t worry every product mentioned in the list has a minimum of 1 year of warranty.


  • Do not purchase a mixer grinder only as they’re new on the market, read testimonials, as well as the features.
  • Purchase the Mixer grinder based on its use, whether it’s for the house or industrial use.
  • Pick the Mixer Grinder with Jar specifications because different jar for Extracting/Blending/Juicing/ will probably be suitable instead of adjusting using the very same jars.
  • The brand is quite important. Do not opt for unfamiliar mixer grinders, simply as they’re available at cheap prices or have low EMI.

Buying a juicer mixer grinder is a onetime expenditure. You are not going to replace it every year just like you replace your mobile phone. So we firmly urge you to decide your buying decision on the features of the product rather than the price.

FAQs Related to Mixer Grinders:

What is the Mixer Grinder?

In very easy and minimum words, a mixer grinder is a mobile mill that is made for combining the benefits of grinding and mixing operations. This machine was created to overcome the manual efforts of grinding and mixing the various ingredients used for cooking delicious food.

Who invented Mixer Grinder?

The mixer grinder has been created in the year 1908 by Herbert Johnson. Although, originally the developed product was intended just for a specific operation, later with the usage of advanced technologies, the mixer grinders only became simpler and better.

Today, you can find many useful mixer grinders available in the market.

What is the importance of watts in a mixer grinder?

The watt power of a mixer grinder is used to signify the power of the mixer grinder. It suggests the efficiency with which it can perform all of the desired operations. The more the watts, the greater are the operation efficiency of the mixer grinder.

How to reduce mixer grinder noise?

It is possible to reduce the noise generated by the mixer grinder by following these simple tips:

  • Place it away from the wall
  • Put the grinder on a rubber mat
  • Use mixer grinder at different time
  • Buy a mixer grinder which produces lesser or no noise

How many watts is good for mixer grinder?

The response to this question is based upon the sort of grinding which you would like to use your mixer grinder for. If you don’t grind the difficult stuff, then you’re good to buy a mixer grinder using electricity as low as 400 to 500 watts. If you’re planning to grind difficult things such as dry spices, then you have to go right ahead and buy a mixer grinder using high wattage (750 watts ). On the high side of the lineup, you’ll discover mixer grinders which come with 750 watts to 1000 watts.

What is the price range of 750 watts mixer grinder?

This is a really subjective question. The cost depends on several factors such as the manufacturer and the number of accessories given by the brand. Like for instance, you’ll observe that the mixer grinders from manufacturers such as Philips will be pricey compared to a local manufacturer. Speaking about a general budget, the price can fluctuate between Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,500 to get a mixer grinder which has a power of 750 watts. They will definitely be rough range.


In all, the Mixer Grinders is still among the most crucial kitchen appliances to get in Indian houses, and if you’re planning to use it often, then you need to invest wisely on it to find the best deal for your hard earn money. The products suggested have fantastic reviews in the sector and are the best for Indian buyers.

So, you can easily rely on any of them and enjoy delicious food every day at home.


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