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10 Best Microwave Ovens in India: 2020 Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you want to warm or make something at your place you should definitely have a microwave oven for your kitchen. A microwave oven in your kitchen makes a lot of things easier for you. It adds comfort to you when it comes to preparing tasty food for your family.

Whether you reside with your loved ones or are residing away from your house alone or with friends, using a microwave oven is almost always a fantastic idea for your relaxation. But determining the best microwave oven in India isn’t simple as there are lots of options out there in the industry. Picking out the ideal microwave oven that suits your needs isn’t easy. So here we’ve got our recommendations on your best microwave ovens in India 2020.

1. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven – MC3286BRUM

The LG microwave oven is our favourite along with a lot of homemaker in India. Yes, Life’s great once you use LG goods in your home.

This 32-litre Capacity is perfect for big Indian families. Since it’s a convection version , you may use it for a variety of tasks like grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking, and a lot more.

This microwave oven includes 211 Indian auto-cook menu’s an all-purpose microwave oven. Below are a few of its finest characteristics.

Diet Fry attribute allows you to prepare your favourite fried eatables such as samosas, pakoras, and others with a minimal amount of oil with no compromising on the taste element.

This oven is capable of baking twelve different types of rotis like Naans, Kulchas, Parathas, Lachchas, Tandoori rotis, Rumali rotis, and so on at one touch of a button.

This oven is capable of baking twelve distinct forms of rotis such as Naans, Kulchas, Parathas, Lachchas, Tandoori Rotis, Rumali Rotis, etc at a single touch of a button.

The Auto cook menu includes pre-programmed cooking temperature and time, whereby it will become simple to pick the individual dish and then just press the’Start’ button.

The ‘Pasteurize Milk’ attribute removes the need to boil the milk, thus providing no room for spillage. This feature heats the milk at a temperature below the boiling point of milk and helps in preserving the nutrients.

Consequently, it avoids the need for any supervision. Therefore, you save time. Another exceptional feature of this microwave oven is the fact that it makes ghee within 12 minutes.

Making paneer is a great process because this oven combines curds without using enzymes and compounds to churn hygienic paneer.

Indian foods such as Paneer and Chicken tikka needs even distribution of heat from several sides. This convection oven offers 360-degree turning to allow the preparation of your barbecue recipes too.

The multi-cook Tawa will assist in uniform distribution of heat. This oven includes a stainless steel cavity that’s tough and empowers uniform heating by supplying better reflection.

Cleaning the microwave oven is simple due to the Steam Clean attribute that removes dirt and dirt with complete simplicity.

That is to say, the LG 32-litre blower is India’s Best convection microwave oven in India.


  • A multipurpose cooking appliance that can cook a variety of delicacies
  • 32-liter capacity makes it ideal for large Indian families
  • Easy and safe to use


  • Cannot carry heavy loads at frequent intervals
  • Can make noise at times

2. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

This convection microwave oven of IFB is possibly among the most cost-efficient versions in the Indian sector. You may notice microwave ovens from IFB frequently in this lists of best Microwave ovens in India due to their low cost, higher durability, and excellent customer services. I might also say that IFB is possibly one of the best microwave oven manufacturer in India.

The characteristics in this version are similar to those of other overpriced versions of other brands. Though this Microwave is the best value for money microwave oven, you are able to upgrade to higher variations by adding a few thousand rupees.

Though this IFB Microwave has many attributes like another IFB products mentioned, this is the sole IFB Microwave oven which is included with a motorized Rotisserie. A Rotisserie is a motorized pole that constantly rotates the meat providing you that amazing crispiness in each bite.

In addition, it can be utilized for paneer tikka or other dishes which are cooked raw into the rod. This specific version includes 101 standard menu choices and steam cleaning to make general cooking experience hassle-free. Coming to the appearances, the oven comes with a floral design on front door, which makes it a highly beautiful appliance. Additionally, cleaning the inside of the oven is very simple with all the’steam wash’ alternative from the side.

This microwave oven is loaded with essential features like fermentation, Multi-stage cooking, Keep warm, child lock, and many more! Families with small kids roaming around in the kitchen need not worry as it has child lock feature.


  • 30L Capacity for big families.
  • It comes with 360 Degree Rotisserie.
  • 101 Auto-cook Menus


  • It doesn’t come with a Recipe Book or Starter kit.

3. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

LG 28L microwave oven is supposed to cater to the requirement of a moderate to big families of 5-7 people. We’ve included it on top due to its effective features, good dimensions, and adequate price.

LG microwave oven is made with an outer flower attractive body design and a stainless steel pit inside. The body is very strong with suitable features to ensure appropriate heating and also a long-life.

With convection, you can do the grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking.With the auto cook menu, you also can make unique sorts of Indian rotis, pasteurized milk, and take out ghee, create paneer or curd, cook meals, create Indian cuisine main course dishes, and create tandoori items, etc..

In our evaluation, we discovered that the auto cook menu includes most of the food items that one cooks throughout the day. The most helpful aspect of these options is that you do not have to change the heating and cooling time, as both of them are default options as soon as an item in the auto cook menu is selected.

Further, on the controller, you’ll discover the buttons to set the temperature time, pick the auto cook menu, and the jog dials that are easy to use and have very long span. Lastly, together with the microwave oven, you also receive vessels, aerodynamic rotissaire, and a menu book.


  • Easy to use
  • Control panel is labelled properly
  • Solely meant for heating, Indian cooking, baking, grilling, and toasting
  • Looks excellent
  • Excellent performance


  • The customer service people take 3-4 days to solve an problem

4.Samsung 32L Convection Microwave Oven CE1041DSB2/TL

Owing to its quality along with its beautiful look, this Samsung convection microwave oven is among the finest in market. In reality, because of the user-friendly layout, it’s among the most simple microwave ovens to utilize.

For Any Indian household, it will suffice and constantly supply a pleasant cooking experience.

Despite the fact that it’s considerably superior to our listing topper IFB concerning strength and agility, the latter carries the crown concerning easy convection alternatives, lower cost, and, above all, due to the access to a beginner kit. Sure, starting your appliance with a kit helps you get started. IFB is selling the kit, and Samsung is not.

The Tandoor technology replicates a Tandoori real-life kitchen with temperatures around 200 degrees Celsius. It’s, hence, the perfect oven to make Rotis, Naans, Parathas, along with other varities of roti.

The one-touch button is sufficient to make the tastiest food recipes you can find in high-quality restaurants.

The oven has perfect aerodynamic that manage to let you open the door without any problem. The 318 millimeter turntable span is sufficiently large to permit you to place large vessels for vegetable or rice cooking.


  • Powerful and packed with features
  • Unique one press tandoor technology
  • Excellent fermentation engineering that can support curd/yogurt whenever possible
  • Large turntable size
  • Quartz convection heater
  • Six power levels ranging from 40 to 200 degrees Celsius in convection


  • The Starter kit is not included in the package. You can download it from the company website.

5. Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (GME 523 CF1 RM Plain Elec)

Godrej’s GME 523 CF1 RM Plain Elec reaches number 5 at our listing of the best microwave oven in India 2020. It falls under the category of best convection microwave ovens in India.

This microwave is packed with features and is among one of the most reliable microwaves option for the consumers.

It also has a double-sided grill rack, which assists in the heating system and gives you the best experience of this microwave.

Its characteristics like Steam wash, preheat, keep heat, defrost, and deodorizer makes it extra special from of most ordinary microwaves.

It comes with a user guide, warranty card Free Treo Two-Piece Glass Bowl Starter Bundle


  • Special features like Deodorizer, Defrost, Keep Warm, Preheat, Steam Clean.
  • Child Lock.
  • Double-sided Grill Rack.


  • No sensor cook.

6.IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

This IFB 23-litre convection oven version is excellent for baking together with grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking. It’s most suitable for a household of a few members. (3-5)

Includes a Warranty — 1 Year Product and has three Years on Magnetron & Cavity. Has Ability of 20 litres and consumes 1200 watts

It’s has a sensitive touch keypad; you just need to choose what has to be made and touch the keypad. With this microwave oven, easy cooking is on your fingertips. Touch keypad is easy to clean

You do not need to be concerned if your son or daughter is super busy and is prone to touching meals in microwave ovens. It has a kid lock facility, and you could lock it if you need

It comes with 24 auto cook menus; you have to pick from the menu what you would like to make, and that’s all just. The best features it provides are multi-stage cooking, Auto-set to cook different styles, and it may hold three distinct kinds of cooking cycles in its memory.

The Defrost feature allows you to enter the weight of the food item you want to defrost, and your food will be ready to eat within minutes. Defrosted foods hold more nutrition in meals in comparison to reheating it on the stove.


  • Has 24 auto cook menus which makes cooking efficient and simple
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 Year on Product & 3 Years on Magnetron & Cavity
  • Comes with a starter kit
  • Adequate safety regulations


  • The space is small, so you won’t be able to prepare meals for more than four members or in a larger amount.

7.Electrolux Microwave Oven C23J101-BB-CG

Electrolux Microwave Oven C23J101-BB-CG is a normal product from Electrolux that will assist you with cooking. Different innovative features make the product appealing to the clients.

What’s more, it comes with a sturdy body, a classy door which provides the appliance a classy appearance. It’s quite straightforward and easy to operate.

Electrolux Microwave C23J101-BB-CG is an intelligent oven with 23litre capacity. It’s excellent for a small household. Most importantly, it saves electricity bills. Additionally, this version has a 101 auto cook menu that will assist you to satisfy food lovers.

It’s smart wave technologies help to cook food faster and in a healthy manner.

It Is

  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart wave technology
  • Timer notification
  • Multi-layer cooking
  • Child lock
  • 3years warranty
  • LED display with Digital touchpad Quality & Performance

Lastly, the Microwave Oven C23J101-BB-CG is perfect for grilling or tandoori dishes. Therefore, its smart yet user-friendly design makes it attractive to customers. 360° clean technology cleans the internal space of the machine. Use a dry duster for outside cleaning.


  •  Child lock support
  • 3years warranty
  •  User-friendly
  •  Affordable


  • Small size

8.Whirlpool 20L Convection Microwave Oven (Magicook Elite-20L, Elite Black)

To start with, the brand Whirlpool is a household name in India. This product provides one year of equipment guarantee and four years of guarantee on the magnetron. What’s more, it’s extremely simple to use with its feather-touch primary panel.

What’s more, Magicook Elite-20L, Elite Black with feather touch control panel and directed screen, are an advantage for any kitchen. Additionally, it supplies a stainless steel frame with 118 auto cook menus. It has 20-liter capacity. It has a feature which allows you to cook in just two minutes. It has a combo mode of convection and grill.

Major Features

  • 118 auto cook menu
  • 2-minute cooking
  • Oven mode
  • Cooks 50% faster than an air fryer
  • Zero oil cooking
  • Multi-stage cooking technology

Finally, Whirlpool 20L Convection Microwave Oven (Magicook Elite-20L, Elite Black) gives you multiple grill system for quicker grilling. Further, the product comes with a free beginner kit. The timer menu ensures safety measures.


  • Faster cooking
  • Pre-programmed cooking menu
  • Long warranty period


  • Small size

9.Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT, White)

This solo microwave oven from Bajaj best suits bachelors or a small family.

Includes a Warranty — 1 Year Product and one year on Magnetron. Has Capacity of 17 litres and consumes 700 watts

It has 5 Power level configurations, which lets you control the temperature according to cooking requirements. It includes mechanical controller knobs, which last quite long and are simple to use.

Ten minutes of cooking alert lets you be conscious of cooking amounts; additionally, it’s complete cooking alerts. Child Lock feature and overheating system security create this oven quite popular and productive.

It’s the finest solo microwave oven readily available in India under 5000.


  • Five power levels ensure that the right temperature is set for cooking
  • efficient and very easy to use


  • It does not come with a starter kit
  • Does not have a digital display

10.Haier 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (HIL2001GBPH)

It’s packed with features and things a grill microwave should comewith.

Inside this microwave oven, you are able to do different kinds of cooking together such as cooking and browning, baking and cooking, even baking and browning. It matches for every single need of a client.

Additionally, it has the multi-level defrost attribute within it. This microwave defrosts the poultry and meat without preheating them.


  • Jog wheel plus button
  • Standby mode and auto defrost; High rack
  • Standby mode energy saving up to 40 percent


  • No starter kit provided.

How to choose the Best Microwave Oven in India 2020?


If we have to choose by the type of microwave oven, there are three types of oven available in the market which are as follows:


solo microwave oven is the most basic and entry-level oven which has a magnetron to produce microwaves. It can be used for heating and defrosting but cannot be used for grilling and baking purposes. It is more affordable but has limited features.


Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above, below or from the side. A grill microwave oven comes with grilling accessories and grilling features. It can be used to make dishes like pizza and kebabs.


A convection microwave oven contains a fan that circulates the heat evenly in the oven. It assists to cook the food fast and also retains the moisture and flavour of food. You can cook almost everything you love to eat, like pizza, cakes, bread, and brownies. 

2.The capacity of the Microwave Oven:

You don’t need to purchase a microwave oven that does not meet your cooking needs Isn’t it? Well, to avoid any of these situations, you should acknowledge the capacity of the microwave oven when getting one.

Choose a microwave oven that can easily support your cooking needs according to your requirements. You should keep your family size in mind when choosing the appropriate capacity for the microwave oven. Additionally, your usage of the microwave oven also helps in selecting the capacity.

The general capacity of the microwave oven that you should look is:

For 2-4 family members –

  1. Solo microwave oven – 15-20L
  2. Grill microwave or convection microwave – 21-30L

For 4-6 family members –

  1. Solo microwave – 25-30L
  2. Grill microwave or convection microwave – 32L or above

3. Power

While purchasing a microwave oven, you should consider the power rating based on your usage. The output power or wattage of a microwave oven is measured in Watts.

Microwaves usually have a power rating within 600 and 1,500 watts. If you cook larger quantities of food, like dinner for a large family, opt for a microwave with a higher power.

A microwave with a higher wattage prepares food quicker but is extra costly as well.

4. Auto Cook

The Auto Cook Menu feature comes with preset programs to simplify the preparation of a variety of dishes.

Simply choose the type of dish (code) along with its weight, and the oven will automatically set the power and cooking time.

5. Auto Defrost

Every microwave can defrost food, but it’s best to opt for one that has an auto defrost, where you just need to choose the type and weight of food, and the microwave decides the best program for you.

It will defrost all types of food like chicken or paneer, without cooking it.

Advantages of using a Microwave oven

  • Takes Less Time: – Simply place the ingredients in the microwave and set the timer.
  • Reheating the food is simple : — Easy to heat meals, reheating of any foods could be carried out in 60 minutes.
  • Layout : — They are designed soin such a way that it is very simple to keep them clean.
  • Safe: — Your hands don’t catch fire, so it is very safe to use.
  • No necessity to care for ingestion : — Simply set the container of ingredients in the microwave oven, and it’ll cook meals automatically without the need to keep looking at the stove again & again.

Safety Advice

As soon as you purchase a microwave oven , do not start immediately using it. Without a doubt, it’s very safe to use it but some precaution should be taken before using it. Below are a few hints that you should consider while using the microwave oven.

  • Do not use plastic or metal bowls for cooking meals in the microwave. Simply use cookware, that is made for microwave oven.
  • Although the grill of this microwave oven doesn’t capture heat but using hand gloves while carrying food from the microwave is a good practice.
  • Do not play around with a microwave oven and try new things: simply use as it’s mentioned in the manual.
  • Contact the service centre or electrician if you see any spark.
  • Obey the rules cited in the manual.


So, In the hunt for the best microwave oven in India, we tried to suggest you best microwave ovens available in the Indian market. Each of these recommendations are based on extensive market research. We hope this article will help you make better decisions. Our aim is to empower you to make better and smart shopping decisions about your needs. 

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