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Best Air Coolers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In India, we have a lot of hot days. So much, that we have to stand temperatures around 45 degrees Celsius. In these dreadful moments, an Air cooler has become the most reliable and affordable solution. It will not be an exaggeration if I say Air coolers are viewed as life-savers for those searching for cheap but effective ways to beat the scorching heat.

An Air cooler is a huge advancement in the world of air conditioning. It’s a very versatile alternative to an Air Conditioner for people wanting to save a few bucks. If you also are done being soaked in sweat during the bright afternoons, it is probably time to possess the finest Air Cooler in India, which comes in your budget.

We provide you a group of hand-picked Greatest Air Coolers, which will make you feel as though you’ve hit the jackpot.

Best Air Coolers in India

 1)Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T comes with a storage capacity of 12 liters for storing water. Symphony Diet 12T is a perfect compact air cooler because it is ideal for day to day use, and is quite useful. Moreover, this product comes with an air throw of 30 meters — this aids in cooling in only a few minutes. By choosing the speed, i.e., high, medium, or low speed, the speed of its fan can be controlled. Symphony Diet 12T is integrated with dura-pump technology. It comes with a high-quality honeycomb cooling pads that are used for more significant cooling. This air cooler also comes with wheels that provide consumers the flexibility to move it around your house.

Moreover, this air cooler also works on an inverter whenever there’s a power cut. This ensures that your house will remain cool every time. It also has dust and mosquito shield. Symphony Diet 12T air cooler is a perfect air cooler for a 100 square ft area. 


Tank capacity: 12 liters.

Power Consumption : 170 W

Power requirement: 230 V, 50Hz

Dimensions: 30 x 84.5 x 33cm


  1. Comes with i-Pure technology
  2. Multi-directional wheels
  3. Automatic louvers
  4. Consumes 170W only
  5. Enormous 12 L tank capacity
  6. For rooms up to 28 cubic meters
  7. Space Saver
  8. Cool flow dispenser
  9. Strong air throw
  10. Dura-pump technology
  11. High-efficiency honeycomb pads
  12. Highly Efficient Perfect for small spaces
  13. Simple to move Anyplace 
  14. Gives superfast cooling


  1. The fan is Noisy
  2. Does Not Possess an alarm for an empty water tank
  3. No Ice chamber

 2)Symphony HiCool i 31 Litre Air Cooler

The Symphony Hicool I Air cooler aids in cooling a space within a couple of minutes. The cooler can do it mainly due to a high degree of cooling intelligence. The Symphony Hicool I Air cooler includes a storage capacity of 31 Liters, and this makes particular the cooler wouldn’t run from the water and would be able to provide cooling around the clock. The Symphony Hicool I Air cooler also has a honeycomb cooling pad, which has the property of managing humidity.


Tank capacity: 31 liters.

Power Consumption : 185 W

Dimensions: 50 x 91.5 x 38cm

Weight: 9 Kg


  1. It’s exceedingly efficient.
  2. It guarantees quick air delivery to each corner of the space.
  3. You can quickly transfer it everywhere.
  4. This single air cooler is ideal for spot-cooling in tiny spaces.
  5. Its automatic louvers disperse the cold air across space.
  6. It’s slender in shape.
  7. It might overcome the heat efficiently.


  1. The Air throw Has to Be set manually
  2. There might be sound because of the blower

 3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque

Bajaj always satisfies its client needs with its wonderful products. This item also has an excellent water tank capacity of 36L. It’s ideal for space dimensions of 150 square feet. To deliver results, it is equipped with three-side honeycomb cooling pads that guarantee fast cooling. The pads are simple to remove, which allows you to clean the pads and the water tank. 

It includes castor wheels that make it simple to move anywhere in the home. Its high performing engine enables it to operate its four louvres of air deflection attribute gently. It’s quite useful in energy-conserving, and it uses just 100 watts of electricity. This air cooler is especially important in case your place suffers from long power cuts and if you’re planning to get an air cooler, which may operate for a longer time on Inverter backup. It requires cross venting for an effective cooling considering the other air cooler. It is made of corrosion-free, engineered thermoplastic materials for long durability.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque includes a quite active 3-speed enthusiast that provides a highly effective air throw up to 30 ft. Using fan also makes hardly any Sound making for very silent operation.


Air Throw Distance: 30 feet

Average air delivery: 1300 meter cube per hour

Dimensions: 45.5 x 43.5 x 82cm

Weight: 11.4 Kg


  1. Powerful and compact
  2. Corrosion-free
  3. Has a thermoplastic material
  4. Includes castor Brakes 
  5. Outstanding water tank Capability 
  6. Integrated Using a 4-way air deflection system
  7. Outstanding cooling Capability
  8.  Made with an individual chill trap innovation
  9. Low Sound
  10. Secure air delivery of 1800 cubic meters per hour
  11. Lightweight and easy to Build
  12. Compatible with inverters
  13. Includes three-side honeycomb pad
  14. Compact and Mobile 


  1. It does not have any sleep timer function or remote controller.
  2. It does not have a constant water supply system. 

4)Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler

Crompton Honeycomb 88 Litre is among one of the best air coolers from Crompton brand since it is packed with some spectacular features that qualify it to be one of the top-selling air-cooler on the market.

No matter how large your living space is, Crompton Honeycomb can provide 45 feet air delivery at 4200 m2 per hour. Additionally, it’s the auto-fill attribute, and five castor wheels make it a hot-selling product across individual countries.

Now, users do not need to check their water level regularly and peep into their cooler as it has a water level indicator, as well as a controller feature to prevent hassle and problems. Additionally, it’s effortless to clean because it comes with a drain plug that helps in reducing the water level within the cooler during cleaning.

Furthermore, its honeycomb pad supplements the cooling system, and its body is made up of thermoplastic. With multiple modern features, such as an ice chamber, and the easy-to-remove honeycomb pads, this product keeps your room comfortable and relaxed during the day.

And finally, Crompton Honeycomb 88 Litres features castor wheels, which assist users in moving this heavy equipment from one place to another without much hassle. It can also run on inverters. Consumers can link it to their home inverter when its electricity goes off.


  1. Excellent capacity of 88 liters
  2. Compatible with inverter for less energy Intake 
  3. Comes with ice Room for Additional cooling option
  4. Excellent air delivery of 4200 CFM
  5. Includes auto-swing lovers for All round air deflection
  6. Three adjustable speed modes
  7. The Body is Made of thermoplastic
  8.  Integrated with honeycomb pads 
  9. The Superb Energy output of 190WSleek and innovative design


  1. Quite Pricey

5. Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre

Again we’ve got air cooler from Symphony that shows how reliable they are to get featured much high in our list of finest Air Coolers in India. The symphony diet 22i air cooler is a single type cooler that’s good for smaller rooms or even particular regions of your home. This item is designed to be utilized for spot cooling system. The water tank capacity of this cooler is 22 liters, and it’ll work okay for rooms of dimensions around 150 Sq.. Ft. The water cooler is 94.3cm in height and carries a floor area of 30*33cm.

 The cooler features thick cooling pads that easily cool the room and are considerably more fast than the thinner aspen pads. It needs to mention that for the cooler to work the best, there has to be adequate cross ventilation meaning, there has to be a constant supply of hot air in addition to a continuous elimination of humid air.

The cooler comes with an impressive air throw capability of around 30 feet. For additional cooling during peak hours of a bright day, there’s an ice chamber that provides the cooler an extra boost. There is an alarm system to alert the consumer before the water runs out. You’ve got complete control of the device with the remote controller.

There is no need to take any stress during unscheduled power outages since the cooler is compatible with invertor. The energy consumption of this unit is 170W. Also, it requires an input source of 230V, 50Hz. The cooler weighs only 8 kilograms. Additionally, it has caster wheels for effortless mobility. Moreover, it features automatic louver motion and contains a mosquito net and dust filter to Prevent any unwanted clogging.


Type: Personal Cooler

Water Tank Capacity: 22 liters

Cooling Pads: Cellulose/Honeycomb


  1. Ice chamber
  2. Mosquito Web and dust filter
  3. Simple to move
  4. Auto swing and Flexible vertical louve
  5. Drain water tank alarm and Car pump shut-of
  6. Dura-pump with honeycomb cooling system for powerful cooling
  7. Remote control with 7-hours sleep timer


  1. The Device is noisy while it Functions on High-Performance levels
  2. Substantial water droplets are thrown from This machine
  3. Cost is a little Large 

6. Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler

It’s a tower cooler perfect for moderately sized rooms of 200 square feet. It’s got a large tank for water, which has the potential for 50L. It is equipped with a highly efficient honeycomb pad and dura pump technologies. It comes with a highly powerful air throw of up to 37 ft. It has a big water tank but uses tiny floor area as this lightweight air cooler (weighs just 10.5 kg) has been very intelligently designed

It comes with remote control comfortable use. It has a soft touch panel from which its configurations can be changed as desired. The remote has also got a 7-hour timer with it. And if in case the settings are not as required, then the system restore function are also available to deal with such a situation. It automatically notifies an empty water tank using its alarm system. For its best use, the room needs to be cross-ventilated. Surprisingly, this highly effective air cooler absorbs only 170 watts of power.


  1. Full function remote with 7-hour sleep timer
  2. Empty water tank Alert and auto pump shut-off
  3. Ice Room plus in-built remote dock
  4. Mosquito net and dust filter
  5. Accessible to Maneuver Auto swing and adjustable vertical louver
  6. Takes up less floor Area Because of Its Intriguing design
  7. Big 50 liters tank


  1. Creates a Lot of noise while on high power
  2. Water tank indicator and water pump don’t work as Anticipated 

7)Cello Artic 50-litre Air Coolers

This model of the new cello is a desert type air cooler with 50 liters of water tank capability perfect for larger rooms of up to 800 Sq. There is a filter for keeping mosquito/dust away from the cooling pads. The product is promoted as a powerful cooler that doesn’t consume a lot of power.

The height of the cooler is 82 cm, and it takes up a floor area of 63*67 cm. The input rating for this cooler is 185W, and it needs an AC supply of 230V, 50 Hz. It weighs 17.5 kilograms. 

A pair of castor wheels come in complementary with the item so that it can be moved easily. There is no automated alarm to alert the user before the cooler runs out of the water. It needs to be performed manually.

Moreover, there is no ice chamber. Besides the unavailability of the qualities mentioned earlier, the cooler performs exceptionally well. Also, it’s the right solution for people looking for coolers to install in almost any of their windows.


Frequency: 50 Hz.

Voltage: 230 V

Rated Power Input: 185 W

Cooling Efficiency: Greater than 65 %

Air Throw Distance: 35 Ft

Cooling capacity: 4200 Meter Cube/hour.

Dimensions: 670 x 635 x 825cm

Weight: 17.5 kg


  • Excellent Cooling Effect
  • Excellent Plastic Quality
  • Broad Fan Opening
  • Dry Grass Net
  • Good Air throw
  • Automated water filling


  • Not suitable for closed rooms

8. Havells Koolaire Wood wool 51-Litre Air Cooler

Havells is the best brand in India for home appliances. It has a cost-effective and powerful air cooler for indoor and outdoor areas. It’s a smart cooler that provides you with the best results in a couple of minutes. It’s the ideal possibilities for those that are looking for an energy-efficient air cooler. There’s no need to withstand burning-heat. This Air Cooler includes a powerful air throw and supercooling abilities. 


  1. The water tank capacity of this air cooler is 51 liters.
  2. It’s a strong blower fan with fully collapsable louvers. It retains the pests, dust from the cooler.
  3. It’s a three-speed setting. It is possible to place as per the room temperature.
  4. It includes wool-pads with a dust filter net. It ensures fresh and clean air.
  5. It holds one year of warranty.
  6. It has five-leaf aluminum blades.
  7. It comes with the drain method to help save you in the cleaning of dirt-particles.
  8. The working voltage of this air cooler is 220 to 240 Volts.
  9. It comes with rotatory-wheels for smooth-movement.
  10. Its energy consumption is 220 Watts.


  1. It can reduce power bills.
  2. It has a simple installation.

9)Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 liters room Air Cooler

 Let us examine the air cooler for all the features it’s marketed.

The Bajaj PCF 25DLX is a private type air cooler suitable for rooms. Its height is 70.5cm and takes up a floor area of 36.5*33cm. It weighs 19.2 kilograms. Like all other Air Coolers, this one also needs proper cross ventilation to operate effectively.

The cooler features honeycomb cooling pads that are easily removable for cleaning and replacement. It has three side cooling pads for enhanced functionality. Additionally, it has a supply of castor wheels to facilitate smooth movement of the cooler to desirable spots. The cooler is inverter compatible to guarantee uninterrupted service during power cuts.

The cooler includes a 3-way speed control setting along with a 4-way atmosphere deflection to cool the whole room. The input power rating of the device is 80 watts, and it requires an AC input source of 230V, 50Hz. It has a sleek and streamlined design to suit your bedroom. There’s also an automated water level index, which helps the consumer to refill as and when demanded.

The device includes a drain plug that helps drain out wastewater and keep it stagnation free. On the downside, there’s no remote control. Therefore it has to be operated manually.


Type: Personal Cooler

Water Tank Capacity: 24 liters

Cooling Pads: Honeycomb type


  1. Airflow reach: 30 feet.
  2. 3-way speed control setting
  3. Inverter compatible
  4. Automatic water level indicator
  5. Castor wheels for efficient mobility


  1. No remote control
  2. No separate ice chamber provided

10)Maharaja Whiteline arrow Dlx CO-124 50-liter Air Cooler

We had to include a version that people with limited space would prefer. You might want to use it as a tabletop device to maintain bed level cooling since it has a height of only 55.6cm. The cooler comes with an air delivery rate of 1500 cu.m/hr. Additionally, the cooler has a powerful air throw reach of 35 ft. The cooling pads are timber wool /aspen kind. The body of the cooler consists of shockproof material, which ensures the safety of children roaming around the house.

Additionally, it has a protective mosquito mesh laminated on the rear of the cooler to avoid bugs getting inside the cooler. The input rating of this cooler is 200 watts, and it needs an AC supply of 230-240V, 50Hz. What’s more, the cooler is also inverter friendly to be sure there are no interruptions during any unscheduled power cut.

 Also, it has motorized louvers to make sure convenient airflow and minimal noise production. 

On the downside, there’s no separate ice chamber supplied. Also, it doesn’t include attachable castor brakes as this specific version is intended for stationary use. It has no setup efforts and comes pre-assembled. There’s no table stand within the bundle, which means you may need to get it separately.


  • Type: Desert Cooler
  • Water Tank Capacity: 50 liters
  • Cooling Pads: Wood wool/Aspen type


  1. Air throw delivery rate: 1500-2000 cu.m/hr
  2. Air throw reach: 35 feet
  3. Protective mosquito net
  4. Automatic louvers for uniform cooling
  5. 4-way air deflection to ensure cooling to the corners
  6. Shockproof body


  1. No separate ice chamber
  2. No castor wheels making it difficult to move around
  3. No remote control

 How an Air Cooler Works?

Air coolers have a straightforward yet powerful mechanism. What they do is take from the hot atmosphere and then take this atmosphere air through the water-soaked pad that’s cool. This procedure cools down the air. And while giving out at the direction that it is set to, it also takes up little sprinkles of water with it. So, when the water sprinkles fall on the human body or at the room anywhere, it gets evaporated after some time, taking up the warmth and providing a cooling sensation and surroundings. So, essentially, they cool down the atmosphere and blow off humid air out from the open without any usage of extra gas or chemicals. They have no characteristics of heating the atmosphere as needed in the winters because the air conditioners perform.

Benefits of Air Cooler

Air Cooler Is Inexpensive

Air coolers are relatively inexpensive. It will not cost you much to afford a standard air cooler that will keep your house cool. Air coolers come with reasonable prices. What’s more, the total cost is very low. You can install it by yourself as it’s very simple. Some air coolers even don’t need installation. There are very few parts of the air cooler requiring maintenance. What you do is wash it every one or two months.


Why is air cooler also called portable air cooler? It is not fixed at a position. Air coolers have caster wheels that you can move from one room to another. Most coolers are also light. You can carry it anywhere you want. In your house, you can take it from your bedroom to the living room and kitchen. If you are attending a barbecue party in summer, portable air coolers are the cool moving devices.

Easy to Install

The cost of evaporative air cooler installation is very few. Some air coolers are ready to use when you take them out of boxes.

Less Maintenance

Air coolers are simple in design. Most parts won’t go bad even in a very long time. If some parts don’t work well, you can fix it by yourself. The repair process is very easy. You only remove the bad parts and replace them with new ones. If you ask professional repairmen to do this job, the maintenance budget is friendly to you.

Air Coolers Are Healthy

People feel comfortable when using air coolers. It is a pure natural working process, only water, and air. There are not any chemical additives. The air always stays fresh and never becomes stuffy. This helps cut down on allergies. Air cooler brings the amount of moisture to the dry air. It makes people breathe easily and feel comfortable. The portable cooler offers moisture when you run an air conditioner. This is requested by dry air.

Working in Open Area

One of the biggest air cooler advantages is that it can work without closing windows and doors. It works very well outside. When you use air conditioners, you will feel trapped. It provides you with cold airflow, but that’s stagnant. This is not safe to breathe in. If you want to have fresh air in summer, the air cooler is the best choice.

Working Best in Dry Climate

When the air humidity level is over 50%, the air cooler will not cool down effectively. The evaporation is hard to happen when the air is full of moisture. It has the best cooling effect in dry regions as air can pass through the wet cooling pads for evaporation. If you are located in tropical and humid areas, you have to try to lower the humidity level in your room.

Low Power Consumption

Portable air coolers have lower power consumption than air conditioners. It ranges from 100W to 450W to cover 50㎡ spaces. By contrast, air conditioners take about 1100W at least 2-3 times of air coolers.

Disadvantages Of Air Cooler

  1. An air cooler comprises of fans and blowers so that it tends to make noise all the time and mostly when on high fan speed level.
  2. It is created for hot and dry weather so that it needs special attention in a humid climate.
  3. A cross-ventilated space is required for it to work better.
  4. It cannot deliver chilly air within an air conditioner.

Air Cooler Buying Guide


Depending on your climate conditions in your place, you can select between mobile coolers or desert/evaporative air coolers.

Evaporative cooling is a boon for heating spaces, particularly during warm weather. Regardless, it squarely depends upon the climate of where you are. Thus, comprehending the mechanics of evaporative types can assist you in picking the most suitable cooling solution for the environs.


Before making any decision, take care to give proper weight-age to the specifications of the model that you’re interested in. Here Is What you want to Think about Before buying your chamber air coolers:

Remote Control — this attachment can give you a hands-on feeling for a convenient manner of operation for your own air cooler. With remote control, you can even set the speed of this fan when you lie.

They’re also within the duct that opens when enthusiast begins and closes once the fan is put off.

Water Level Controller — your own atmosphere cooler must include an automatic water level controller that can maintain water on your cooler at pre-set levels and prevent it from leaking out.

Speed — it’s always feasible if your cooler includes options for regulating its rate. It is possible to grab home variable rate coolers that can allow you to control the rate of the fan. Attempt to settle with air coolers that give a much better cooling effect and less sound.

Take note that the thickness of the mat is crucial to have a cooled-air.

Fan Speed Degrees

Additionally, it is a vital need to have fan speed levels in air coolers, which can be low, medium, and high-speed levels. Opting to get an air cooler that comes with varying fan speed levels is very crucial since the surroundings and mood changes, and so has to be the fan speed also.

To Be Kept Inside or Outside

The positioning of this air cooler is also a significant variable if we’re speaking about functionality. Particular air coolers require a space with cross-ventilation to pull the fresh air and give it even more chilly and fresh air in your area. Thus, it’s really crucial if you want to be fresh and not live in the exact same air that you breathed out some time ago. Furthermore, if you mean to maintain your air cooler outdoors, then desert air coolers, which are incorporated with the body, are a good pick.

Power Consumption & Efficiency

Obviously, we do not need a major electricity bill every month with an inefficient air cooler. To pick one which may use power in the right amount is quite crucial. If an air cooler includes a powerful motor, it may take more power to achieve better performance. But choosing the right air cooler that is effective for your room can make all of the difference in your energy bill. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm the inspection linked to the power consumption of the cooler you want for your room.

Auto Swing

If it is a room that is big and needed to be cooled down efficiently, then an automobile swing is very handy. There are air coolers that are integrated with auto swing attributes, which can be of fantastic use when cold air is needed to be delivered to every corner of your room.


Air coolers must not be too tall that it throws all of the chilly air to the area above it. On the flip side, it must also not be too low in height, which it flooring the chilly air under. To sum it up, it mustn’t occupy too much floor space in your area. There are numerous air coolers of various sizes that are perfect for the room according to your seat or bed height.

Air coolers with fans arrive with lower efficacy compared to people with blowers. Air coolers with fans can’t offer the most of the atmosphere into the direction it’s turned towards to. On the flip side, air coolers that are incorporated with blowers can provide all the coldness to the direction it is turned towards. However, air jets with blowers generally make more sound.

Air Twist Distance

If you don’t need to have an air cooler which provides small space air toss on where you have to keep it near you, you need to think about getting an air cooler with great air throw space. Thus, it is vital to be aware of the distance from wherever your cooler is to be placed and where the cooling system is essential.

There are air coolers, which include remote control, which is actually of fantastic use if you don’t go over and over again just to set your air cooler according to your requirements. If the configurations of these air coolers have been changed or altered, and are not set based on what you require, the remote control will be able to help you fix that issue simply by pressing a certain single button. What’s more, if you feel you’ll want to change the swing, air-speed frequently, or turn/off your air cooler, then a rancid air cooler is a great option.

Water Tank Capacity

You do not need to have an air cooler, which needs continuous filling of its water tank. So, based on the hours that the air cooler is supposed to run, the water tank capacity factor has to be considered. There’s a lot of difference between a streamlined room air cooler, and a massive-size desert atmosphere cooler water tank capability. Desert air jets come with a huge capacity of water tanks that can reach up to 50L or more. While on the other hand, compact air coolers come with a tank capacity of nearly 30-35L.


Wheels are a terrific convenience to get an air cooler to get. It provides easy freedom to your desired place to place the best distance of air throwing. Furthermore, it allows for a simple setting of the direction of this cooler.

An air cooler must be engineered in a way that it could be easily cleaned and utilized. All air coolers require periodic cleaning of water to keep its cleanliness and avoid issues such as the reproduction of mosquitoes and bad odor. You will find air coolers that are also incorporated with features such as a web more than pads for protection from dust and mosquitoes.

Having a water level indicator is a bonus point as you can track your air cooler considerably efficiently. With this variable, it may give you a good notion of if the water tank has to be re-filled. So you can make it filled with the right amount of water to your air cooler to keep your room cool upward, especially when you need it.

Different Types of Air Coolers

Tower Cooler

These air coolers take less space in the room. It can give the same airflow as an AC. It comes with unique functionalities such as air cool dispensers, auto-louvers. It comes along with a water-draining center. It is compact. It is a perfect option for a small room. Keep the lights closed for increasing the efficiency of air coolers.

Desert Cooler

The water capacity of this cooler is much large. These are ideal for dry areas as it cools down the room for the long time. No doubt, they take many areas in the place but perfect for medium and huge rooms. They’re also known as Evaporative Air Coolers, Swamp box, or Wet air-coolers. It provides cold air through the water-evaporation. It is lovely for outdoor-areas.

Personal Cooler

It’s a space-saver, energy-efficient, and inexpensive air cooler. So, it’s magnificent for smaller rooms. Symphony-Hicool is one of the popular personal-coolers for home, office, and fitness center. This sort of air cooler comes with unique innovations like auto-swing, electronic control panel, 7-hour timer setting. It comes with the inverter technology and a function to restore the previous settings of the system.

Window Cooler

Window cooler circulates the natural atmosphere inside the room. If tight space is the biggest issue of your house, then the window cooler is the correct choice for you. It’s portable and light-in-weight.

They may vary in size and water tanks capacity. During the surgery, it can don’t give much sound. The ability of 51 liters can easily fit in the big size window. Additionally, it includes the speed-control knobs. You can adjust the speed depending on your requirements.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Air Coolers Better Than AC?

Yes, Air Coolers are far better compared to Air Conditioners as they’re cost-effective and portable. It does not require any service like air conditioners. Even, it includes advanced specialties like an alarm for the empty tank, drain plug, remote control, water level control, humidity control, rate control knobs, auto-louvers.

2. What are Cooling Pads? What are its forms?

Cooling Pad plays a crucial role in an air cooler. It’s a material made from either wood shaving artificial fiber or cellulose material. Air coolers come humidity and fan control function that blows off the hot and humid air from the room and then moves it to the cooling-pad. After that, it converts the air into the cold air and aids air circulation. These are of two kinds, i.e., Honeycomb and Woodwool.

Most of the Desert Coolers come with this cooling-pad, which are long-running. It distributes a strong air throw within a few seconds. You can mount it on the inside of the back panel of this cooler.

The Wood wool cooling pads use wood shavings and artificial fiber. Its budget is high compared to the other honeycomb. It is less lasting and requires high maintenance. Maharaja Whiteline 65-Litre Air Cooler comes with wood-wool evaporative pads.

3. How Much Power Does a Cooler Consume?

Different models require different voltage to operate. However, they consume less than 80% of electricity in comparison to AC for saving a good deal on your energy bills. However, it depends upon how you keep it. Air Cooler should be serviced after a regular interval so that they operate efficiently for quite a long time.


I hope this post has helped you to get a clear picture as to what things must be kept in mind while purchasing an Air cooler. All of these air coolers are hot selling products of the reputed brands and much cheaper than air conditioners. If you are looking for a budget option to cool your room, then you should go for an air cooler to save yourself and your family from the scorching conditions.


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